AMRAP Bar Review and Giveaway

Well I’ve certainly been MIA on the interwebs over the past week or so! I have to say, I’m not even a little bit sorry; I got to spend so much time with my family and friends, the wedding weekend was an absolute whirlwind of crazy [in all of the best ways!] and I even had snuck some time in there to relax too. It was just what we needed but we’re back in California now and back to the daily grind. Such is life.

Anywho, when I travel, I’m notorious for packing snacks. I have a “small” snack bag [weighing in at 5 lbs wouldn’t be out of the norm..] that I take in my carry-on and the rest of the snacks go in my checked bag. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand being hungry and with these 6 hour flights to and from Baltimore that we’ve done a couple of times recently, I need to have food with me! Enter in my bar collection.

When I’m looking for snack bars, I tend to try to find bars with a good amount of protein; I know that’s what I need to tide me over. When I was offered the opportunity to try these new AMRAP bars, I jumped and of course packed them with me on my trip. If the flavors didn’t grab my attention, the description definitely intrigued me.

“The 100% Paleo, Non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, preservative and artificial anything-free, high fat to carb ratio, high protein bar designed by experts, athletes, enthusiasts, discerning moms and health nuts.”


Onto the stats! These bars really pack a punch. At 320 calories, 21g fat, 22 – 24g carbs, and 12 – 15g protein for the Almond Honey and Cashew Vanilla, they’re a great meal replacement when you’re on the go. The Fig Cacao [my fave] comes in a little lower in the calories and fat but was still a great option when I needed a quick post-workout bite running out the door.

AMRAP Bar Nutrition Facts

And the taste? The ingredient lists are so short and simple, there’s no way they could be bad. As I mentioned, the Fig Cacao was my favorite but all of the bars were delicious. The flavors are all really clean and light; you can almost name the ingredients bite by bite. The creaminess of the Cashew Vanilla bar leaves no doubt that it’s chock full of cashews!

Giveaway Prize Update!!

This is where the fun begins! I’m giving away an 8-pack of AMRAP Bars in the flavor of your choice to 3 lucky readers 🙂 Want a chance to win? Click here to enter!

Food for Thought

Which bar are you most excited to try?

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary shipment of AMRAP bars as a Sweat Pink Ambassador. All thoughts and opinions of the product are my own.

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