About Me

Welcome to Barr & Table! My name is Brittany Barr and I’m the girl behind the Barr. I have a love for good food and a healthy lifestyle, and recently started this blog to share my healthy recipes and amazing eats that I find along the way.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Brittany- So I just felt absolutely compelled to message you. First of all I love your blog! I keep with TIU and love their recipes. My boyfriend lives in Baltimore and I live in New York City and I am definitely the foodie in the relationship. I’m always looking for new and cool places to eat when I visit Bmore and after reading some of your entries I already have a list of places I want to visit per your recommendation. ALSO one of the main reasons I had to message you was- My boyfriends last name is Barr as well AND his sister’s name is Brittany. Just thought that was a crazy coincidence-maybe its just me. Keep up with the good work!


    • Thank you so much, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog! And let me know if you ever want any restaurant or bar recommendations.. there are tons to choose from!

      Also, SO funny and ironic about your boyfriend and his sister! I don’t think I have any Barr relatives that I know of in Baltimore though.. man how funny would that be!?

      • Thanks! Actually I do need a recommendation- I will be staying with him all week and we usually cook and and stay in and watch movies because we are both on a budget. BUT since ill be there for a full week I know I am going to be itching for a night out. Now the problem is- I am a health/organic food nut on top of the fact that I like trying new things and eating exotic or out of the ordinary foods and he… well, he is a burger and fries kind of guy. Do you have any suggestions for a place that wouldn’t break the bank and would cater to both of us? Thanks so much! Sorry for all the specifications haha. (He lives about 10 minutes from Canton but travel is not a problem)

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