What I Ate Wednesday #126: We Ate It All

No really, aside from breakfast, we haven’t eaten at home in a week. If there was food to be had, we had it! [And then some..] But don’t worry, we all got in our 10,000 steps pretty much daily. Plus, I dragged Mom to barre again. It was a tougher class this yesterday than it was last Thursday and I bet she’s cursing me right about now.

Barre TruveFit Truve HellaFit

Mom and Dad are heading home today and I’m bummed. I can’t believe a week went by so quickly and it was so nice having them here. Anytime I told people that all of our upcoming visitors would be staying with us, I got a “ohhhh, geeze!” But we loved it. It also didn’t hurt that my mom can’t sit still so she was always cleaning something up or putting something away! I’m so not ready to get back to real life but for their last day, we made sure to make it nice and relaxing.

Peas & Crayons What I Ate Wednesday WIAW

[Post-Barre Breakfast]
Mamas Royal Cafe Oakland Sweet Potato Kale Gruyere Omelette
Our first trip to Mama’s Royal Cafe on Broadway was delicious! They’re pretty well-known around here and now we know why. I got their special omelette, chock full of kale, sweet potato, and gruyere with a side of fruit, potatoes, ACME sour levain toast, and lots of coffee. We’ll definitely be heading back there for breakfast or lunch soon.

Catos Alehouse Beer Drakes 21st Amendment Brewery
Oh. I did say lunch, right? Well, after hiking through Mountain View Cemetary in Oakland [sounds bizarre, but it really is a beautiful place.. and much of a hike!] we made our way back to Cato’s Ale House for a brew and late lunch. I had the roasted beet salad with feta, candied walnuts, and chicken. More importantly, however, the 21st Amendment Kilt by Wildfire Scotch Ale is deeeelicious!

Ohgane Korean BBQ Banchan

Ohgane Korean BBQ Bulgogi
Late lunch calls for a late dinner. We’d planned on cooking, but that didn’t happen once over the course of the week. Instead, we walked down to Ohgane, a Korean BBQ restaurant, for dinner. My parents had never been to one and this was our first time trying this particular restaurant. We went through multiple rounds of the little banchan plates along with the Galbee [short rib], chicken, and shrimp. The charcoal grill at the table was fun and gave the meat such great charred flavor. Another repeat restaurant, for sure!

Like I said, I’m bummed that my parents are on their way home today but it’s been such a fun week full of amazing food, lots of walking, and just great quality time together. I can’t wait for them to come back again.

Mom Dad Nathan Brittany Golden Gate Bridge Baker Beach

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be doing hours of cardio and eating boiled chicken and asparagus for the rest of week ;)

Food for Thought

Do you go out to eat with visitors or prefer to cook at home?

Link Love #76

Another quick pop-in to say hi! Yesterday we pigged out on some dim sum and went over to Baker Beach. Nathan and I had never been there before and it was beautiful! Except for the naked man walking around trying to get into everyone’s pictures.. Luckily mine made it out crack free ;)

Mom Dad Brittany Baker Beach Golden Gate Bridge

I’ve had some catching up to do of my own on all of the great blog posts around the interwebs from last week and in case you missed some too, here ya go!


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Food for Thought

What’s one of your favorite posts from last week?


I had every intention of having this post scheduled and ready to go early this morning. Until I fell asleep on the couch last night while we were watching House of Cards. I blame it on the beer all the excitement ;)

We’ve been having such a great time with my parents here. I don’t mean to leave you hanging, but hey, life just gets in the way. So let’s do a little recap so far.


Mom Brittany Barre

Post-barre muscles with Mom!

Spicy Chorizo Egg Avocado Apple Braised Greens San Francisco Farmers Market

Farmers’ market lunch.

Sushi Geta Oakland


Salmon Hamachi Kama Geta Sushi Oakland

Salmon & Hamachi Kama. A new favorite.


Cheeseboard Pizza Berkeley

Ooh that pizza..

Dad Catos Alehouse Oakland



Oxbow Public Market Mom Dad

A fun trip to Oxbow Public Market. Let the drinking begin!


Blue Bottle Coffee Oakland

Blue Bottle Coffee.. strongest in the world! Ha.

Dad Nathan Blue Bottle Coffee Oakland

My 2 favorite Orioles fans.. right?

Viks Chaat Indian Berkeley

The best chick peas ever.

Nathan Mom Dad Brittany

Sunny day selfie.

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room Berkeley Beer

The beginning of the end.

Ici Ice Cream Berkeley

The best ending to our beer-filled excursions. Our most favorite ice cream from Ici.

Now excuse me while we go drink and eat some more!

Food for Thought

What’s your favorite part of having company?

What I Ate Wednesday #125: After Effects of Vegan

My Valentine’s Day dinner was the first time going back to meat and dairy after 2 weeks of eating completely vegan. To be honest, I haven’t looked back. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t like my experience or could never fathom having a vegan meal again, but I just really enjoy pretty much all things meat and dairy. Egg whites in my oatmeal, crispy bits of roast chicken, a nice bowl of yogurt with bananas and cinnamon. YUM!

My experiences have adjusted the way I’ve been eating, however, and I’ve really been enjoying these changes. If you recall, Cyrus had me on a 70/15/15 diet focusing on 70% carbs coming from fruits and vegetables. I’ve been using MyFitnessPal to track my macros and am doing my best to try to hit that 70/15/15 breakdown but in reality have been getting closer to a 60/20/20 split; certainly not the end of the world! And aside from my oatmeal, I’ve been sticking with the fruits and veggies source of carbs.

Peas & Crayons What I Ate Wednesday WIAW

Protein Oats Egg White Oatmeal Banana Peanut Butter

Protein Oats Egg White Oatmeal Mango Papaya Pineapple Peanut Butter
I seriously missed my oatmeal with melty nut butters! The basic idea of this breakfast has remained the same but I’ve added some extra fruit on top. I will typically mash up 1/2 of a banana into the oats and now slice up the other half on top. Or I grab some frozen mango/papaya/pineapple frozen mix when I’m out of bananas.

Sweet Potato GTs Kombucha Multi Green Quinoa Beet Burger

Sweet Potato Tuna Fava Beans
Lunch has definitely seen the biggest change. I’ve swapped my daily big ass salad for a bunch of roasted sweet potatoes and some source of protein on the side like quinoa beet burgers, tuna, or shredded chicken.

Cyrus mentioned that lunch is the time to really load up on carbs in order to fuel the rest of your day, A salad, while obviously healthy, is typically a lower carb option full of ingredients that will essentially fill space in your stomach but not provide the source of energy that your body needs. I’m in loveee with sweet potatoes so this has not posed any issue for me at all.

Half Baked Harvest Quinoa Crusted Chicken Tenders Roasted Potatoes Brussels Sprouts Sriracha BBQ Ketchup

Orange Sesame Chicken Breast Russet Potatoes Salad
Speaking of potatoes, we’ve basically been eating roasted russets every night with dinner. Nathan is certainly happy; variations on chicken and potatoes might be one of his favorite meals!

Typical snacks throughout the day include bananas [sometimes up to 3 per day!], apples, and the occasional bar. I know bars aren’t always ideal and I definitely used to rely on them more than I do now. I didn’t want to have too much sugar, even the natural stuff, but since increasing my carbs, a banana is the perfect snack to take with me to work. And sometimes if I’m home, I’ll dip into a little nut butter too ;)

Any changes?
I was most curious to see if I’d notice any changes in my body, skin, weight, etc. by going vegan. In the first week, I lost 2 lbs and saw an increase in ab definition. I was also super crabby, low energy, having trouble getting through my workouts, and just generally exhausted by the end of the day. I wasn’t eating enough.

Cyrus explained to me that my RMR [Resting Metabolic Rate] is about 1600 calories per day and after adding in my workouts, active lifestyle, and simply the energy expended from my body digesting my food, I should be taking in about 3000 calories per day. I’m not sure I ever hit 3000 calories, but once I started eating more, the 2 lbs came back and the extra definition was lost. Was I bummed? A little. But at the same time, I actually had my energy back!

I plan on keeping up the increase in carbs, mostly because I love sweet potatoes and bananas. In terms of noticeable physical changes, I really don’t see a difference and I happen to be much happier not limiting myself in my diet. If I want a vegan meal, great! I’ll have one. If I want a huge cheesesteak [Nathan got one while I was eating vegan and said it was the best of his life], I’ll eat a huge cheesesteak! I just enjoy food and the experiences I have with Nathan trying new things entirely too much to give it up.

It was a great experiment and I’m glad I did it. I think it’s important for me to experience different diets, workouts, etc. to be able to speak to it if someone asks. I’m up for a challenge and I’d try another if the opportunity presents itself.

Food for Thought

What’s the most extreme change in diet you’ve tried before?

Link Love #75

With my parents coming out to visit us tomorrow, I’ve been thinking a lot about how different things are this year then when they visited last year. A year ago, we were pretty fresh to the bay area; just about 2 1/2 months in. We took them all over the place touring, tasting, and pretty much making this place our own. I had just gotten my NASM book to start studying and aside from the occasional web design gig, I was completely jobless. It was a strange feeling and it was downright hard. I had Nathan, but good lord it was hard to meet people when I was at home all the time.

Mom Dad Golden Gate Bridge

One year later, I have 3 jobs—2 of which are personal training at gyms—and a list of clients that thankfully keeps growing. Some friends have quickly come and gone, and others have become good friends. Like a spending-the-Jewish-holidays-with-her-family kind of friend. We’re living in a new area of the east bay and loving how much we have at our fingertips and how easy it is to get around. Things are moving in the right direction and I’ve said it before, the move to California has been such a great learning experience.

Tilden National Park Botanical Garden

Last year, I was psyched to just see my parents again after almost 3 months. This year, while I’m just as psyched to see them again, I feel like we have so much more to show them. And not by showing them around the city, but by showing them what our lives have evolved to since they visited last. Shoot, we’re even giving them a place to stay this year.. it’s like we’re real, live grown ups!

And with that, a few things to share with all of you. Enjoy!


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Food for Thought

What’s one of your favorite posts from the past week?

Sushi, Beer, & 70s

The countdown is seriously on now. My parents will be in town this Wednesday! Our place has really come together over the past week or so and the guest room is actually looking like a real guest room instead of a storage unit. That day bed that we got from IKEA is awesome.. it actually slides out into a king size bed! It’s quite cozy, too. [Your welcome, guests ;)]

Day Bed 2nd Bedroom

Friday we finally went out for sushi. This place is about 50 strides from our front door and has the best prices and quality around. I got a spicy scallop roll that was delicious but the star of the show for me was the salmon kama. This char-grilled salmon collar was only $5.95 and it was the bomb diggity!

Geta Sushi Salmon Kama Collar

They also have hamachi kama that I think I’ll have to get next time I go. Which is probably going to be Thursday with my parents. Woohoo!!

Sunday was a little crazy nuts for me, but that’s totally because of the Pliny the Younger release at Cato’s, right down the street from us. If you’re not familiar with Pliny the Younger, Russian River releases it once a year and only distributes limited kegs to select bars. And each bar only gets 1 keg so when it’s gone, it’s GONE!

Doors opened at 11:30 but people were lined up at before 10 a.m. when I went down to the gym to train, which just so happens to be 3 doors down from the bar. [Uh oh..] I had to work yesterday so we originally decided to skip Pliny but when I got out from training and working out at noon to see the line wasn’t too bad, we went for it. It didn’t hurt that the weather was gorgeous. I didn’t mind standing outside in the sunshine! Long story short, after waiting an hour for our tokens, we got the last ones.

Catos Ale House Pliny the Younger

I ran over to work and ended up having to run back and forth to cash in my token. Whoops! Haha :) It was a fun experience but now that we’ve had it, we’ll save our time for another line.

Russian River Pliny the Younger

Anyhow, that was definitely the highlight of the weekend. Coming up this week is going to be a lot of fun times with my parents. I can’t wait :)

Weekly Meal Plan

Sunday – Roast split chicken breast with orange sesame sauce, roasted potatoes, and side salad
Orange Sesame Chicken Breast Russet Potatoes Salad
Monday – Leftover roast chicken and lemony carrot salad with mustard seeds and feta
TuesdayQuinoa crusted chicken with roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts
Wednesday – Leftover quinoa crusted chicken and Asian broccoli salad with peanut sauce
Thursday – Saturday – Out! Mom and Dad will be here :)

Food for Thought

What’s the longest you’ve waited in line for something?

What I Ate Wednesday #124: Valentine’s Feasting

Valentine’s Day might be one of my favorite holidays. We don’t do the bouquet of roses, sappy cards, get dressed up for dinner kind of thing. We learned that wasn’t necessary many years ago. Not to mention, who wants to pay $200 for a dinner that takes HOURS to come out after ordering while 100 other people wait around you? Personally, I’m a fan of a quiet night at home, cooking together and drinking some good wine.

Peas & Crayons What I Ate Wednesday WIAW

We cheated a little bit this year and bought our main dish. Last year, we went all out and made a pistachio-crusted lamb which turned out wonderfully. This year, however, we went to the farmers’ market the week before Valentine’s Day and saw that Roli Roti has a new rotisserie duck l’orange. We already love their rotisserie chicken, brussels, and potatoes, so how could we say no? We woke up on Valentine’s Day and got to the market as soon as they opened to get our duck.

It was so nice to relax rather than having to work on the main dish. So we broke out a bottle of Black Zeppelin, a 2009 Syrah blend, that we got in 2012. We bought 2 bottles and had the first right away. This bottle was even better than we remembered!

Black Zeppelin Syrah Blend 2009

It was also gone pretty quickly!

Cabot Cheddar Cheese Dried Apricots Blue Diamond Almonds

I also made a cheesy [ha.. in both senses of the word] plate to snack on while the side dish was in the oven. Thank you very much, Cabot!

Kirkland Prosecco

And what goes better with cheese than prosecco? Only the finest bottle in our house..

Duck L'Orange Roasted Brussels Sprouts Potatoes Egg Yolk Porn

The main event.. it was better than I could have imagined! Did I mention that this was my first time eating meat in 2 weeks? Nathan’s idea for the dippy egg over top of the rosemary garlic roasted potatoes and brussels was killer. I was absolutely in heaven!

Blueberry Squares Smitten Kitchen Lush Tahitian Vanilla Gelato

And if that wasn’t enough, I made a “single serving” [which really turned out to be a double. So we nicely shared.] of Smitten Kitchen’s blueberry crumb bars. I’d only made them once before, a couple years ago, and Nathan has been talking about them ever since. I decided Valentine’s Day was the perfect day to break it out again. We also bought some Tahitian Vanilla gelato from our favorite place, Lush, right down the street. It was the perfect topping.

Dinner was fabulous, as always, and we were more than full. Or as we like to say, fat and happy.

Food for Thought

Did you do anything special for Valentine’s Day?

Link Love #74

Holy cannoli! I don’t know where all the time has gone but this is my 500th post! I never thought when I started this blog 3 years ago that it would become what it is today. I love having it as an outlet, creative or otherwise, and a way to share some wonderful information I find from across the web. I’m also so grateful for all of you readers that come back day after day to read, comment, and share. So a huge thank you to all of you!


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Roasted Blood Orange Oatmeal Kara Lydon The Foodie Dietitian

Roasted Blood Orange Oatmeal – Kara Lydon The Foodie Dietitian

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Jamaican Jerk Veggie Burgers – Oh My Veggies
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Idiot Proof Creamy Tomato and Curry Butter Lobster Pasta – Half Baked Harvest
PB&J Granola Cookie Clusters – The Nutritious Kitchen

Food for Thought

What’s one of your favorite posts from the past week?

A Love-ly Weekend

Gooood morning! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and hopefully a nice Valentines Day too [if you celebrated.] Friday was a bit crazy for both of us and by the time we got out for dinner, all we wanted was something cheap and easy. Mexican it was!

Baja Grilled Vegetable Black Bean Guacamole Rice Plate

It was the last dinner of my 2 week vegan experiment and what could be a better way to finish it off than with grilled veggies, rice, black beans, and lots of guacamole? Oh right.. fresh tortilla chips and salsa, too ;)

Saturday was all about taking it easy. In all of the running around that we’ve been doing lately, we decided that pulling the married card out and relaxing all day sounded like the best way to spend Valentines Day. We hit up the farmers’ market bright as soon as they opened to get the main star of our dinnerrotisserie duck l’orange. I guess we cheated a little bit in a way by not making the main dish like we usually do, but hey, it was hard to pass up! And such a gorgeous day, too. Which is why we took the opportunity to spend more time outside and walk over to the nearby rose garden.

Rose Garden Nathan Brittany

Too bad we forgot that it’s still winter [yep, 75 degrees in February!] and there were only about 10 roses to be seen. Ha! We’ll have to make our way back over there in a couple of months.

The rest of the day was spent watching movies and having a few drinks on the couch.

Kirkland Prosecco

Only the finest in our house! The perfect apertif while we were cooking up some roasted brussels & potatoes to go with the duck. We also popped open a bottle of Black Zeppelin, a 2009 Syrah blend, that we bought in 2012. It was surprisingly better than we had remembered!

Brittany Nathan Valentines Day Wine

Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in on the rest of the food on Wednesday. Except for dessert.. a homemade personal pan blueberry square topped with Tahitian Vanilla gelato from Lush, down the street.

Blueberry Squares Smitten Kitchen Lush Tahitian Vanilla Gelato

Sunday was for workouts, working, errands, and the start of the new day bed for all of our guests! Ikea is the best.. ish.

Nathan Ikea Day Bed

Don’t worry Mom and Dad, the room will be a little more put together in a week and a half when you get here! Looking forward to this week being a little quieter. And actually being able to do some real meal planning. I missed meat and seafood!

Weekly Meal Plan

Sunday20 Minute Thai Basil Turkey and Lemongrass Rice Bowls
MondayKung Pao Salmon and Chicken with Sweet Potato and Broccoli
Tuesday – Leftover duck l’orange with citrus fennel and avocado salad
WednesdaySmoky Chipotle Beet and Quinoa Burgers
ThursdayBurrito Bowls
Friday – Out!
Saturday – Leftovers

Food for Thought

Did you celebrate Valentines Day?

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Friday the 13th is a good day. This one in particular happens to be the birthday of one of my favorite baseball partners. He got me started on the game when I was just a wee little one and has taken me to countless games over the years.

Orioles Dad

He taught me home team first [GO O’S!], and with him being from New York, Yankees second [I might lose some followers over that one..]

He also taught me how to drive stick.. if you consider me being 5 years old and sitting in the passengers seat shifting with all of my strength in both hands to be “driving.” I certainly did! It was the best cruising around, listening to my Sesame Street tape and singing along to Cookie Monster’s theme song. And once in a while turning on 105.7 Rouse & Company for some good oldies. What can I say, we were crazy!

Dad Hora Wedding

He’s the best dad and grandpa we could ask for!

Jilly Bean Dad

And in just 1 1/2 short weeks, we’ll be cheers-ing it up in California, just like last year. I can’t wait to see my parents again and have some good times celebrating!

Buena Vista Cafe Irish Coffee Cheers

Bear Republic Cheers

Happy birthday, Dad! I love you!

And happy Friday, friends. Have a great weekend!