Woodberry Kitchen: A Foodie’s Paradise

Last Wednesday, I was thrilled to be able to share my fabulous dinner at our favorite restaurant; Woodberry Kitchen. We have spent Nathan’s last 3 birthdays here. It’s one of the few farm-to-table restaurants in the Baltimore area and they are serious about their ingredients.

Woodberry Kitchen relies on longstanding relationships with the growers of the Chesapeake to provide the ingredients that nourish and delight our guests. At our table, you join us in supporting sustainable agriculture that respects the abundance and traditions of the region while helping to ensure its future.*

You enter the restaurant and immediately note the unique, rustic and unique decor, and the laid back feeling from the almost hipster-like staff with their plaid shirts and black frame window glasses who could not be friendlier. We were seated upstairs with a great overlook of the open kitchen, featuring a wood fire brick oven.

Each meal starts with a box of freshly made bread. As with everything else on their menu, the types of bread change everyday.

We immediately dive right into the cocktail menu. These guys do not mess around! Only the freshest ingredients to go into their seasonal cocktails and the attention to detail is surely appreciated. The silver and copper mugs really set the drinks off.

I ordered the Blueberry Daisy.

Philadelphia gin, blueberry preserves, lemon, thyme, sparkling rose, silver cup.

Nathan enjoyed their famous Gov’t Mule.

Organic VT vodka, housemade ginger beer, ginger-lime syrup, copper mug.

Ordering starters is a must. There are too many amazingly fresh items on the menu to pass up, so we started out with the Woodberry Kitchen Caesar. Believe me when I tell you you’ve never had lettuce so fresh in your life.

Big City romaine, croutons, ‘allegheny’, oyster-chovy dressing.

Our salad was immediately followed up by the Woodberry Kitchen Butcher’s Board.

Duroc salami, pancetta, bresaola, coppa, pork cracklins; smokey baguette, pickles, mustard.

We didn’t like it at all……..

And onto the main course…

The fish at Woodberry is by far my most favorite item to order. It’s always cooked perfectly and never heavy. The Viking Village Monkfish Out of the Oven did not disappoint!

The mushroom broth was light, the vegetables were portioned perfectly, and each bite was out. of. this. world.

Nathan order the Whistle Pig Hollow Duroc Pork Loin.

Polenta, ramp greens, grilled scallions, pork pan gravy.

The pork fell apart, waiting to be scooped up with the gravy-soaked polenta and fresh greens. The sauce infused each bite perfectly leaving you wanting to practically lick the plate clean!

And no dinner at Woodberry is complete without dessert.

Despite my attempt to be a bit healthier, they only serve their cappuccinos with whole milk. As it should be. I can’t argue that!

And after one sip, I couldn’t agree more. Chef Spike Gjerde and Woodberry Kitchen will be opening a new coffee house in June called Artifact Coffee, managed by Woodberry’s own head barista, Allie Caran, and I cannot wait to try it!

A Strawberry-Rhubarb Cobbler featuring their homemade fresh cream ice cream. You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, especially if it includes their homemade ice cream!

And of course, for the birthday boy they brought out his very own Buttermilk Peach Ice Cream topped with a shortbread cookie that melts in your mouth! (Note the hands of a patient fiance ready to dig in!)

We really could not have asked for a better meal and overall experience. I would recommend Woodberry Kitchen to anyone who lives in or is visiting the Baltimore area. Do yourself a favor!

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*From WoodberryKitchen.com

What I Ate Wednesday #1

Welcome to my very first WIAW! Lucky for you, or maybe me, there happens to be a birthday dinner included at my very favorite restaurant, Woodberry Kitchen.

Everything was so incredible, as always, that I’m just giving you a little taste of the delicious bites today, but there will most certainly be a post in the near future with the entire meal!


I tried a new recipe for the ultimate protein pancake and it was delicious and definitely kept me full! Don’t worry, the recipe is coming soon! 🙂 I topped off my pancakes with the Tone It Up Bombshell Spell, water, and coffee.

Mid-morning Snack

This may have been the hardest kiwi of my entire life.

Lunch time!

Had a delicious salad with the most random ingredients I could find in my fridge. Super fresh mixed greens from the farmers’ market, corn, celery, sweet potato, pepper, onion, mushroom, chicken, and salsa.

We really needed to go to the store..

Afternoon snack!

Coconut water is really a fantastic little pick-me-up, and chocolate ZICO is my absolute favorite! Unfortunately, that bottle was from Tuesday and I just refilled it with almond milk. I really tried to trick my brain into thinking it was something much more delicious. It didn’t work.

I also had a Chocolate Peanut Butter Clif Builder Bar. Clif bars tend to be a little high in sugar, although it is all-natural, organic sugars, I do try to eat them less often. But they are amazingly delicious so I have to allow it every now and then!

Nathan’s Birthday Dinner

Oh, Woodberry Kitchen, I’m so in love with you.

Woodberry Kitchen is a serious farm-to-table style restaurant. They get fresh ingredients from local farms everyday, so their menu updates everyday. But more on the restaurant in my future post, along with a more in-depth look at each delicious bite!

The meal started with a couple types of bread, a butcher’s board full of different meats, and a caesar salad. And while this might not sound so exciting, keep in mind everything is homemade. Down to the caesar oyster-chovy dressing.

For my main course I had monkfish in a mushroom broth, topped off with a wonderfully (and perfectly) crafted blueberry gin cocktail.

I finished my amazing meal off with a cappuccino and a shared serving of strawberry rhubarb cobbler with fresh cream ice cream. And a little bite of Nathan’s buttermilk peach ice cream.

This might be my absolute favorite WIAW for a long, long time!

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