Beer Me!

Hi friends, happy Monday! I hope you had a fun weekend just like we did. After I was sick 2 weeks ago and then it rained all last weekend, we were ready to get out of the house and spend some time outside. In our world, that means we need to find a place for a drink 😉 After hearing everyone in the East Bay rave about Drake’s Brewing, we knew it was time to give it a try.

Drakes Brewery

The barrel house.

The place was tucked behind a building but that didn’t stop people from getting there. The barrel house has about 10 small tables inside and huge doors that open up to a few more picnic benches outside. They only serve snacks there—pretzels, nuts, etc.—but every Saturday, fiveten burger, a food truck, sets up to feed the hungry drunks crowds.

Drakes Brewery Sampler

L -> R: Spicy Chocolate Alliance, Bourbon Induced Fowl Play, Hefe, IPA, Hopocalypse, Bourbon Barrel Jolly Rodger 2012, Denogginizer, Face Palm, Rakish Rye.

We loaded up! Everything was so good but my favorites were definitely the Bourbon Barrel Jolly Rodger and the Rakish Rye. The Spicy Chocolate Alliance was their Valentine’s brew; it was definitely chocolatey and had a little kick at the end. Very interesting and very good! I was a little disappointed in the lack of bourbon flavor in the Bourbon Induced Fowl Play, but it was still a solid beer. I’d get them all again except Face Palm, it just didn’t have enough flavor.

I got an awesome grilled chicken sandwich from fiveten burger, Nathan got a burger, and we shared an order of garlic fries. But halfway through those beers? Yea.. I forgot to snap a pic haha.

For dinner, we met up with Nathan’s aunt and uncle for Spanish tapas at Duende. Since we were sharing [and they not everyone knows about my blog], I opted to leave the camera in my bag. Until Nathan mentioned it.. then of course I had to get a picture of the last dish, canalones.

Canalones Duende Oakland

Vegetarian canalones.

Everything was so tasty! We also had brussels & sunchokes, swordfish, cabbage salad with walnuts and olives, goat cheese fritters, veggies with a mango pistachio salsa, patatas bravas, and osso bucco over creamy polenta. I think the osso bucco was my favorite, but I was really surprised and pleased with how light everything was!

After dinner, we went to see Gravity in 3D. We also got there a few minutes before the movie started so we were in the lower section. It was an interesting movie and I enjoyed it but it’s not the kind of movie that you go see to relax. It was a stressful movie and I definitely found myself gripping the armrests more than once. Side note: Sandra Bullock is almost 50 and she’s smokin!

Sunday morning, I woke up, got in a great workout, and housed a delicious stack of pancakes! We were heading to brunch later, but I knew we wouldn’t be eating until closer to 12 so I knew I needed something in my stomach. I’m so glad I did, it held me over until I got to devour this bit!

Baked Quinoa Poached Eggs Terrace Room

Baked quinoa with asparagus, tomato, arugula, poached eggs, & parmesan.

Poached eggs are the best, yes? It was nice to find something light on the menu for once. After brunch, we headed home and relaxed the rest of the day. I think running around [and drinking] on Saturday did a number on us! We’re old. But it was fun and it was a great weekend. Now to prepare for my parents to get here on Wednesday! WOO!!

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