Link Love #27

Holy cow, Monday FLEW by! I got a bit of a late start but once everything got moving, I’m not really sure where the day went. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here. I can never complain about 70 and sunny and daylight savings time is probably the best ever.

ALSO! We felt our very first California earthquake Sunday night. It was 6.9 magnitude off the coast of Eureka, about 4 hours north of us, and between feeling the shaking, the super creepy episode of True Detective, and hearing random noises around the apartment, we were a bit on edge. Ha! But we made it through 🙂 Anywho.. regardless of my scatterbrain thoughts, here are my faves from last week!


5 Healthy Foods Habits Sabotaging Weight Loss Megan Ware RD

5 “Healthy” Foods and Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss – Megan Ware R.D.

5 Healthy Foods and Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss – Megan Ware R.D.
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15-Minute Bodyweight AMRAP Workout Pumps and Iron

15-Minute Bodyweight AMRAP Workout – Pumps and Iron

15-Minute Bodyweight AMRAP Workout – Pumps and Iron
Try it out Tuesday: x2 Performance, Inch Worms, Mochi, and More – Cotter Crunch
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Egg Sandwich Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts Lemon Aioli Climbing Grier Mountain

foodie fridays: egg sandwich with balsamic roasted brussels sprouts & lemon aioli
– Climbing Grier Mountain

foodie fridays: egg sandwich with balsamic roasted brussels sprouts & lemon aioli – Climbing Grier Mountain
Chocolate Peanut Butter Dessert Hummus – The Hummusapien
Shish Tawook (Grilled Chicken Skewers) with Roasted Garlic Avocado Mayo – Half Baked Harvest
Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpea Tacos – Two Peas and Their Pod
Peanut Butter Crunch Granola – The Nutritious Kitchen

Food for Thought

What is one of your favorite posts from the last week?

What I Ate Wednesday #11 – Day Tripper

I bet you have that song stuck in your head now.

No? How about now?

Over the weekend, Nathan and I were tasked with seeing 2 wedding bands. The first one was in DC and with that being at least an hour away, we decided to make a day trip of it. Clearly the first thing to do when deciding on a day trip is to pick out where we can stop for lunch, drinks, and dinner. Who doesn’t plan their day around food?


Barr & Table What I Ate Wednesday WIAW Chocolate Coconut Zucchini Protein Pancake Tone It Up TIU Bombshell Spell Peas and Crayons

Typical.. a chocolate coconut zucchini protein pancake (similar recipe to this guy!) topped with the new Earth Balance coconut & peanut spread, coconut, and cinnamon. Of course, I ha my Tone It Up Bombshell Spell and Chocolate Coconut coffee with almond milk. Between the coconut & peanut spread and the chocolate coconut coffee, I was in heaven!

P.S. Make sure to check back soon.. I’m hoping to be doing something fun with Earth Balance!

We made our way off to DC where we had reservations at Oyamel, a José Andrés restaurant. I love tapas restaurants and being able to taste a bunch of things makes it such a fun experience. I would definitely go back!


Oyamel Cocina Mexicana Jose Andres ThinkFoodGroup Washington DC Mimosas Chips Salsa Mexican Squash Salad Queso Fresco Peanuts Chicken Fish Tacos Guacamole Pico de Gallo Mexican Coffee

We had to do it fancy and got a pitcher of Farmer’s Fresh Mimosas with plum and lemon verbena. Delicious! I could have had the whole pitcher myself 🙂 The fresh salsa was wonderful and the Mexican squash salad was light and delicious. I loved the topping of queso fresco and crushed peanuts. This is definitely a dish I would consider a summer staple.

I followed that up with a chicken taco with their homemade guacamole and grilled scallion. I have to admit, the guacamole might have been my favorite part of the meal (other than the mimosas!) Next time, I’m definitely getting that to start! I also had a fish taco with pico de gallo. Once again, so fresh and light. We each finished off our meal with Mexican coffee. Full of flavor and a nice jolt to our systems! It was a great meal and so nice to have a light lunch before hitting the town!

After lunch, we explored DC a bit. We took a nice walk over to the Lincoln Monument and then found some much needed air conditioning at the American History Museum. The heat must have messed with our heads; once we cooled off at the museum, we realized we’d much rather cool off with a beer. Off to RFD! After splitting the pitcher of mimosas, I decided to keep it at one beer. What was that beer you ask? Oh, I can’t remember because I forgot to take a picture! Professional blogger over here 😉

Don’t you worry though, I definitely didn’t forget to take a picture of my froyo!


froZENyo Washington DC Froyo Zombie Coffee Barr & Table

I don’t mess around with froyo (also a very important summer staple.) Mostly peanut butter with a touch of cheesecake, dulce de leche, and coconut. And of course I had to top it with peanut butter cups. I have a slight obsession with chocolate and peanut butter. Can you tell?


Matchbox Pizza Washington DC Barr & Table Oven Dried Tomato Fresh Mozzarella Roasted Garlic Artichokes Pecorino Romano

Since Nathan indulged my obsession, I indulged his and we went for pizza for dinner! Matchbox features tons of pizzas with a thin, crispy crust. We started off with the large apple/pear salad. I would give the salad a big miss next time. I wouldn’t call it a large and, unfortunately, I had no desire to take a picture of it. But at least we got a little veggie!

When it came to ordering the pizzas, we went back and forth with what we wanted to split. They have so many different kinds and they all sounded wonderful! If we could have, I would have gotten a different kind of pizza for each slice, but since we could only split it in half, we went for the Oven Dried Tomato with Fresh Mozzarella (their version of the margherita pizza) and the Veggie with roasted garlic, artichokes, oven dried tomatoes, pecorino romano, and mozzarella. We each tried a piece of each and went our separate ways. He finished the margherita and I finished the veggie. It’s why we work 🙂

And dessert? Oh right.. had that before dinner. Whoops! (I would have had another one if I had my chance!) We did finally make it to see the band, but the food was the real highlight of the day trip!

Speak Up!

Where is your favorite day trip? Do you plan where you’re going to eat before you head out or just see where the road takes you?