Top 5 Gifts for a Fitness Lover

I still can’t believe it’s already December. That, of course, means that we’re creeping closer and closer to figuring out what the heck to get everyone for the holidays! In an attempt to make some of your lives easier, I’m hoping that this list of my top 5 gives you a few ideas [for yourself, too!]

  1. New Running Gear
    Athleta Stunner Tank Relay Tights Lorna Jane Pria Excel Jacket
    A few of my favorite pieces lately include the Stunner Tank with a built-in medium-support bra, the Relay Tights with back zip pocket, drawstring, and mesh panels, and the Pria Excel Zip Through with reflectivity and super cute shoulder and back detail. There’s not much more that makes me want to go get a good workout in than new gear.
  2. Activity Tracker
    FitBit Flex
    Obviously the trending fitness trackers are still as popular this year as ever. This is a great gift for everyone, from those that are already active, to those that are wanting to get started. A few options include: Fitbit, Polar Loop, & Jawbone UP24
  3. New Gym Bag
    Live 360 Core Bag
    I’ve heard so many great things about the LiveWell360 Core Bag. With all of the smaller pockets within the main area to store items like glasses, jewelry, your phone, etc. it makes having a big bag easier to keep clean and organized. I also love the separate compartment for your shoes; putting dirty shoes gym shoes in with the rest of your things is the worst.
  4. Water Bottle
    Nathan Streamline Frosted Tritan Bottle
    I love my Nathan water bottle [nothing to do with the name ;)] and it’s a often a gift that may slip your mind. A good water bottle is definitely a necessity.
  5. fitmob Passport
    Fitmob Passport
    Having the ability to take a bunch of different fitness classes at all of your favorite studios all in one package is one of the best gifts I can think of! Fitmob Passport gets you unlimited access to top-rated classes at studios, bootcamps, and gyms (plus fitmob-exclusive classes) throughout San Francisco and Marin County, all for just $99/month. Sign up yourself today or give the gift of fitness to someone you love!
  6. BONUS!! Give the gift of personal training! If you know someone in the San Francisco Bay Area that is looking for a personal trainer, contact me to purchase a gift certificate. OR! If you know someone that is looking for online personal training, go ahead and purchase a 4-week personalized training program for them.

Looking for a few stocking stuffers?

Food for Thought

What are some of your favorite fitness gifts?

Five Things Friday {7/25}

Happy Friday! Today starts my weekend, Nathan is working from home, and the weather has been gorgeous here so we’re hoping to sneak out mid-day for some sunshine. We’re both ready for some relaxation.

  1. Tomorrow we’re headed out on another road trip down to Carmel. It’s one of the places we’ve been talking about exploring but just haven’t made the trip yet. Like I said, the weather’s been beautiful so we’re planning on leaving early, grabbing some lunch when we get there, and laying out on a blanket on the beach. Relaxation at its finest. [Maybe a bottle o’ wine, too?] If you have any suggestions for restaurants or other places to go in Carmel, we’re all ears!
  2. I recently received a pair of PRO Compression socks to review as part of the #KeepItTight Campaign with Fit Approach. To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure how much I really expected them to help. But after a bunch of shifts at work this week where I’m on my feet for hours at a time, as well as my workouts, slipping these bad boys on at the end of the day has really made a difference.
    PRO Compression Socks Fit Approach KeepItTight

    With a little O’s action in the background!

    The idea that compression socks increase blood flow to your legs has been proven and dare I say my calves and feet have felt less tired and sore by the next morning. If you want to give them a try for yourself, use code PINK at checkout for 40% off your entire order!

  3. I killed the salted caramel brownie brittle. Which, of course, means there was brittle dust at the bottom of the bag just begging to be sprinkled on some PB&J yogurt. Obviously. Best idea ever.
    PB&J Greek Yogurt Kefir Blueberries Figs Sheila Gs Salted Caramel Brownie Brittle

    Bloobs, figs, & brittle dust.

    PB&J Greek Yogurt Kefir Cherries Sheila Gs Salted Caramel Brownie Brittle

    Cherries & brittle dust.

  4. My Swanson 45th Anniversary giveaway ends Sunday night. Don’t miss out on your chance to win a $45 gift card to get some awesome products!
    Swanson Vitamins 45 Anniversary
  5. Baby girl. [And her mama.] That is all.

    Jilly Bean

    1 month till squeezes!

Food for Thought
What are your plans for this weekend?