Pin It Party #5

I mentioned before that I’m going to be working at Truve, a pretty awesome new private wellness center, as a trainer [if you’re looking for a trainer, hit me up!]. The building has been under construction but the keys were finally handed over and yesterday some of the team got together to put together the brand new pilates equipment!

I’m bummed I was already working and couldn’t be there, but we’ll be all moved in soon enough! I can already tell it’s going to be a fun place to work. In the meantime, if you’re in the bay area, there are free Saturday classes by the columns at Lake Merrit every week until we open.

Truve Community Classes Oakland Lake Merritt

Another thing to be excited about is Lindsay’s Pin It Party! It’s been a few months since she hosted the last one and I can’t wait to look through all of the fun posts from the other bloggers. If you missed the last 4 that I participated in, get yourself up to date!

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And if you’re not following me on Pinterest, what are you waiting for?! Without further adieu..

This last recipe is a current fave. I made it the other night with chicken instead of beef and lots of extra broccoli! The carrot dressing is what really makes it [so I made lots extra!] Hope you enjoy the pins 🙂

Food for Thought

What kind of recipes or workouts do you want to see more of on the blog?
Any big plans for the weekend?

Five Things Friday {9/19}

Yesterday was wonderful. It was a quiet day off from work and was able to just relax and take my time getting things together in hopes to grow my personal training business.

  1. Speaking of personal training, I ordered my business cards and I’m pretty excited about how they turned out!
    Brittany Lehnhoff Personal Trainer
  2. I also got my official business license in the mail. It’s so weird to me that I’m now a business owner. Whoda thunk?! Now I just have to make that baby business grow!
  3. I made a really delicious snack. One of my favorite things about staying home during the week is playing with my food, especially when I want a snack. Instead of reaching for a bar, I check out my fridge and throw together stuff like this..
    Greek Yogurt Quinoa Almond Butter NuNaturals Chocolate Syrup
    I microwaved 1/8 cup quinoa with 1 tbsp almond butter for 10 seconds, stirred that together and added 1/2 cup greek yogurt, then topped it with a little NuNaturals cocoa syrup. I’ve had the syrup for probably 2 months now and hadn’t opened it until yesterday. Why did I wait so long?! That was a really tasty snack!
  4. Wedding pictures came in from Jessie and Adam’s wedding a few weeks ago. Let’s just say I win.
    Jessie Adam WeddingDont Stop Believing Jessie Adam Wedding
    It’s really a shame I had such a terrible time. Don’t Stop Believin’ is my jam.
  5. And speaking of wedding pictures, our album proof was emailed yesterday [I know, it took us foreverrr] and I’m in love!
    Wedding AVAM Birds Nest Baltimore Maryland
    This was one of our favorite pictures and they made it into a full 2-page spread. I can’t wait for the real deal to come in!

The weather’s been gorgeous here lately and I’m looking forward to soaking up on sun this weekend. Happy Friday, friends!

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Any fun plans this weekend?

Five Things Friday

Another Friday, huh? Where does the time go?! I can’t believe it’s almost February. Wasn’t it just Thanksgiving?

  1. Honestly, I’m kind of ok with a couple of weeks flying by right now. My parents are coming to visit in 2 1/2 weeks and I can’t wait! I probably see them more now than I did when I lived in Baltimore because of Skype, but it’s really not the same. It’s going to be nice to have them out here. Nathan and I keep trying to tell them, but I don’t think they realize how much food and drink is going to be involved in their trip 😉
  2. Speaking of my parents, they just got me the best Hannuka/birthday/anniversary/whatever else gift.. the NASM personal trainer certification course! My book should be delivered next Tuesday and I fully plan on buckling down and getting it done. I’m really excited to start something new and I see this certification taking me in so many different directions in the future. Not to mention, I might love this post a little extra now. Thanks, Paige! [I also have a little deal for you if you’re interested in a NASM certification. Check it out below!]
  3. I can’t be the only person that has trouble with rest days. I know I need at least 1 day off per week but my mind thinks it’s a good idea to always keep going. And then I stand up and realize that my legs hate me and don’t want to move at all. I’m not alone, right?

    Rest Day

    I look that cute when I pout too..

  4. Wednesday I went to “Office Fitness” yoga with the SweatGuru team and it turned out to be exactly what I needed. I always go into yoga thinking I’m not sure if I really feel like going and by the end of the class, I feel so good. Seriously, not much beats the feeling at the end of a yoga class.

    Such an awesome team, too!

  5. Superbowl Sunday is upon us! Nathan and I are planning on staying in and doing the old pizza and wings bit, but a little more fancified, of course. I made a big batch of naan Wednesday so we’re going to do naan margherita pizzas and Korean BBQ wings. I’m sure I’ll figure out a way to get some veggies in there too.

    I completely follow this logic.

Thanks to Julie’s NASM post, I was able to get a discount on my CPT course and I’m happy to be able to give you a discount offer too! I spoke to Michael Golembewski and he said that if you mention my name or blog when signing up, you will receive a 10% discount. Just give him a call at 602-383-1263 or email him at and don’t forget to mention Barr & Table!

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If you could start a new career, what would you choose?
What are your plans for the Superbowl? Which team are you rooting for?

Holiday Confessions Of A Personal Trainer [Guest Post]

Hi friends! As you know, I’m in the middle of my big move to California and to say the past couple weeks have been nuts would be an understatement! I’ll be back to my regular blogging schedule soon, but in the mean time, I have a couple fabulous guest bloggers to keep you entertained. Today’s post is from Taylor at Lifting Revolution. I recently discovered her blog and absolutely love it! One of my favorite types of posts she does are her “Confessions” [did you know that trainers are real people too?!] and with Thanksgiving tomorrow, I thought this would be a great post to share!

I want to thank Brittany for asking me to visit Barr & Table while she is up to her elbows in boxes! I love reading the blog so it’s pretty awesome to be here today!

Taylor Lifting Revolution Gingerbread Outfit

Brittany asked if I would come and reveal my inner most secrets with you, and since that’s what I do a lot of over at LiftingRevolution, I decided to jump at the opportunity.

I think it is important as a healthy living blogger and a personal trainer to reveal these secrets to everyone since most people see just glimpses into the lives of fitness bloggers. Yes, I workout a lot but there’s a lot more to me than squats and kale… you just wait.

I never ever ever want anyone to think that any of us crazy fitness bloggers have it all together, we don’t. We struggle with getting to the gym just like you. And just like you, I cheat a little too much during the holidays.

Which brings me to my confessions today…

Holiday Confessions Of A Personal Trainer

1 – I lie to friends and family about food.

For whatever reason my family and many of my friends, have this scary idea in their heads about healthy eating. And really scary ideas about vegan food. So when the holidays role around, I lie and tell them it’s “real food” so they’ll eat it. Sometimes I’ll let them in on the secret after they’ve clearly enjoyed a few bites, and sometimes I just follow the idea of what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

Healthy food can taste great, I promise!!

2 – I refuse to accept my mom’s homemade fudge.


My mom makes the best fudge. It was actually my grandfather’s recipe and she has carried on the tradition since he passed away. It is seriously amazing, like melt in your mouth chocolatey goodness. To really paint the picture… it’s not vegan and I am. That tiny detail doesn’t stop me.

And that’s why I have never accepted her small tin package of it. I can’t control myself. That fudge wouldn’t last 5 seconds in my home. So instead, I indulge when I visit with them and then walk away dreaming of crazy binge that would happen.

Sometimes sacrifices have to be made to remain in control. No one wants to see a 29 year old woman with fudge smeared all over her face and growling if someone tries to snag a piece.

3 – I will never run a Turkey Day Run.

The Charleston Turkey Day Run is one of the biggest 5K races we have in Charleston. It sounds like a blast… people dressed like turkeys, free beer at the finish, and a great way to burn off some calories before digging into the feast later that day.

But I’ll never do it. Instead you’ll find me being lazy with my husband on Thanksgiving morning… drinking mimosas and watching my favorite Christmas movie. This has been a tradition for at least 5 years now, and I’m not willing to give it up to burn off 300 calories for a 1500 calorie dinner.

4 – I tried to workout on Christmas once and failed.

I love the idea of waking up on Christmas, opening the gifts, and then getting a quick run in before the rest of the day gets hectic.

But just because I love the idea, doesn’t mean I follow through. I tried to do this once. I got dressed up in a new fitness outfit I had received that morning, put on my shoes and started to run. Then about 60 seconds later, I thought about my family inside talking together and doing, you know, family things… so I turned around and went back inside.

Some days family outweighs a workout and Christmas (and Thanksgiving) is one of them!

5 – I package baked goods up the second they’re done.

Sugar Cuffins

I love giving baked goods as gifts, but sometimes like the fudge, it can be hard to keep around. My trick? As soon as the goodies are done, they get packaged and wrapped ASAP. I’ll keep 1-2 out for Dan (my hubs) and I to enjoy but otherwise everything else is ready to go to the recipient. Just another step I take to practice self control.

Oh, I also wash my mixing bowls .2 seconds after I’ve poured the mix in the baking pans. Why? So I don’t sit there and lick all the bowls clean with my finger! It can be quite embarrassing to have your husband walk in while you’re literally licking a cake bowl… not that this has happened before. 😉

Your turn, what holiday confessions can you share?

I’ll be sharing more of mine over at my blog, as we get more into the holiday season. So come on over and say hey!

Thanks again Brittany for letting me come get a few things off my chest! I feel so much better!

Thank you so much, Taylor! I hope everyone enjoyed this post as much as I did. And happy Thanksgiving!

Food for Thought

What are your holiday confessions?