Scenes From the Weekend + A Surprise 5K

Holy cannoli, I can’t believe it’s already Monday. I hope you had a great weekend! We had a nice weekend of lots of last minute plans. Friday I spent the day at Truve; we officially had our soft opening last Wednesday so I wanted to hang out there. Plus, I got to train one of my clients there too; that was fun! It’s really cool, different space since it’s not a typical gym and I think it’s going to be lots of fun to train there.. otherwise known as more ways for my clients to hate me. Ha!

Truve Hellafit Truvefit Weights

See the tire and ropes? 😉

Truve Hellafit Truvefit

View from above!

After Truve, I met Nathan for drinks and a pretty light dinner. We had to save room for dessert..

Ici Ice Cream Pumpkin Caramel Swirl Orange Brandied Currant

Mine: Pumpkin Caramel Swirl; His: Orange Brandied Currant
Both equally amazing!

You may have seen on Instagram that I decided to randomly go for a run last Wednesday. Well, it wasn’t too random.. it happened to be a test run. Around 11:30 Friday night, I decided I was up for a 5K on Saturday. Since one of the trainers from Truve was part of the race organizing team, I wanted to be there to support it and Truve. It was certainly not my best run, but not my worst either.

Truve HellaFit Break Free 5K

Post-run with some Truve-rs!

Nathan and I decided to keep it local and hit up a food truck rally right near us for lunch.

Sajj Food Truck Off the Grid Chicken Shawarma

Huge and super flavorful chicken shawarma salad.

Pork Bahn Mi Wrap Off the Grid

The biggest bahn mi wrap I’ve ever done seen!

Yesterday we stayed local again and went for a nice 3 1/2 – 4 mile walk. There was, of course, a beer pit-stop.

Arrogant Bastard

Only the classiest.

Berkeley Aquatic Park

Such a beautiful day!

And while I went to a meeting, Nathan took over the kitchen and made an awesome dinner of crispy Thai pork lettuce wraps with cucumber salad, pickled carrots & daikon, crispy shallots, fresh mint & basil, cashews, and all the hot sauces you can ever want!

Crispy Thai Pork Lettuce Wraps

Presentation is always key with him.

Crispy Thai Pork Lettuce Wrap

Can you see the layers of flavor?!

It was such a nice meal to come home to and a great way to end the weekend. This weekend, we have a friend coming out for work.. it’s going to be jam-packed full of fun and I can’t wait!

Weekly Meal Plan

SundayCrispy Thai Pork with Cucumber Salad, pickled carrots, and daikon
MondayMaple Glazed Salmon for me; cajun chicken with buttered herb noodles for him; roasted asparagus for all!
Tuesday – Leftovers
WednesdayOven Fried Korean Chicken with pickled watermelon salad
Thursday – Leftovers
Friday – Out!
Saturday – Out!

Food for Thought

Did you have any fun plans over the weekend?

A Weekend of R&R

One of my favorite thing about sitting down to write my Monday posts is looking back on my weekend. It’s always nice to revisit the fun things we did. Maybe it’s because last weekend we were away but this weekend was extra quiet and relaxing. It was one of those weekends that Nathan and I looked at each other and said “uhh.. what did we do?!” And we were both ok with it!

Friday night we stayed close to home and had a little bbq for dinner at T-Rex. I got a nice salad with beets, goat cheese, citrus, and grilled salmon. Nathan had the brisket cheesesteak. It was good, but definitely didn’t cure the bbq craving for Nathan. Any good bbq recommendations in the bay area?

Roasted Beet Salad Grilled Salmon T-Rex BBQ

Saturday ended up being a day at home. We cleared out the fridge for lunch and mostly sat on our butts all day. We decided to venture out for Chinese food for dinner. I was happy to have some steamed veggies and shrimp because we dug into an incredible banana, sea salt caramel gelato for dessert. And when I say we dug in, I mean there were no pictures 😉

When we got home, we watched We’re the Millers. If you’re looking for a good comedy, I definitely recommend this movie! I feel like it’s been almost impossible to find a decent comedy lately, but this one had us laughing!

We're the Millers

Yesterday was the big day.. I worked, we went to lunch, and we went to the grocery store. Holy moly, such a busy day 😉 I made myself a pretty awesome breakfast before heading to work.. a little snickerdoodle protein pancake action went down!

Kiss My Broccoli Snickerdoodle Protein Pancakes

But because we were inside most of the day Saturday, I decided we should head to Off the Grid for lunch. It was a beautiful day here and food trucks = time outside.

KoJa Kitchen Chicken Pineapple Kamikazee Fries

KoJa Kitchen Portabello Burger Rice Buns

We ordered from KoJa Kitchen. I had the vegetarian portabello burger & pineapple koja and the teriyaki chicken & pineapple koja, both on rice buns, which were essentially sticky rice patties that were seared on a flat top. Nathan got the same teriyaki chicken koja and an order of kamikazee fries which were piled up with onion, bulgogi, and spicy sauce on top of waffle cut fries. Everything was so good!

And now we’re back on the weekly meal planning because we need to get our lives back in order after so much fun.

Weekly Meal Plan

SundayChopped brussels sprout salad with chicken [for Nathan]/swordfish [for me] and pecans
Monday – Sweet potato noodles with asparagus and chicken tequila habanero sausage
TuesdayPecan crusted chicken salad with strawberry honey mustard
Wednesday – Leftovers
ThursdayQuinoa salad with pineapple mojito chicken
Friday – Out!
Saturday – Leftovers

Food for Thought

Did you do anything fun over the weekend?
What’s on your menu this week?

What I Ate Wednesday #2 – San Francisco Eats

All of our vacations always revolve around food. We get ideas of what we want to do and immediately scour the surrounding areas for different food to try.

This week’s WIAW is from the 4th day of my California trip.. starting in Yosemite, we hit up the breakfast buffet. Oatmeal with banana and peanut butter, 1/2 grapefruit, turkey sausage, and coffee. All cold. No pictures, because trust me, you don’t want to see that food! To say that Yosemite isn’t the ideal place to get a good meal is an extreme understatement, but I guess you give up good food for a few days in exchange for absolutely breathtaking views!

Glacier Point Yosemite Park California CA

Glacier Point

After breakfast in Yosemite, I snagged an apple and some peanut butter for snack on our 4.5 hour drive over to San Francisco. Neither of us had ever had dim sum, so we dropped our luggage at the hotel and ventured out to Yank Sing, featured on Food Network’s BBQ Episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate for theirincredibly tasty BBQ Pork Buns.

And we feasted! We were immediately bombarded by women with carts and carts of food. It was a bit overwhelming, but such a fun experience! We ended up with all of our dishes within about 5 minutes of sitting down.

Pork Potsticker Yank Sing Dim Sum San Francisco California SF CA

Pork Potstickers

Honey Walnut Cabbage Salad Dim Sum Yank Sing San Francisco California SF CA

Honey Walnut Cabbage Salad

Chicken Mushroom Steamed Dumplings Dim Sum Yank Sing San Francisco California SF CA

Chicken Mushroom Steamed Dumplings

Shanghai Dumplings Dim Sum Yank Sing San Francisco California SF CA

Shanghai Dumplings

The Shanghai Dumplings are on their specialty menu. They were practically like bundled up bites of soup!

Minced Kurobuta Pork, scallion and ginger wrapped and steamed in its own aromatic broth.

BBQ Pork Buns Dim Sum Yank Sing San Francisco California SF CA

BBQ Pork Buns

After lunch, we wandered the streets of Chinatown and stopped off in Red Blossom Tea Company. Last time Nathan was in San Francisco he got me tons of loose teas, blossoming teas, and an infuser cup, so this time I loaded up on a delicious oolong and super fragrant chai. And on vacation, everything you do is followed up by a good beer! We found ourselves a happy hour and did the local thing!

And speaking of doing the local thing, for dinner we headed over to Fort Mason for Off the Grid, a food truck gathering of 30+ food trucks from around the area.




This was so much fun! Not only did they have tons of different kinds of cuisine to choose from, but they also had some awesome live music. We had a blast!

Off the Grid Food Truck Gathering Fort Mason San Francisco California SF CA

Off the Grid Food Truck Gathering

I had the Korean Chili Shrimp taco and Nathan had the Kalua Pork Taco from The Taco Guys. He totally won that one.

The Taco Guys Korean Chili Shrimp Taco Kalua Pork Taco Off the Grid Food Truck Gathering Fort Mason San Francisco California SF CA

Korean Chili Shrimp & Kalua Pork Tacos

Then we shared Sexy Fries from Curry Up Now. Sweet potato waffle fries topped with homemade chicken tikka masala and onion. This is definitely a dish I’m going to recreate at home!

Curry Up Now Sexy Fries Off the Grid Food Truck Gathering Fort Mason San Francisco California SF CA

Sexy Fries

And with that ends our first day in San Francisco. These were definitely some of our favorite meals and experiences that we had on the trip!

Speak Up!

These meals consisted of a bunch of little bites. Do you prefer to have one big dish or a meal of a bunch of little tastes?