Happy Father’s Day!

Really, if Father’s Day could have just waited another 2 weeks, I’d be home to celebrate with my dad!

Dad Hora Wedding

I know, Dad, I’m excited too! 🙂 I’m also excited for my brother to be celebrating his very first Father’s Day with my his little nugget.

Matt Jilly

I’m gonna squeeze and smooch that little girl so much when I get home! Hard to believe we were little once too..

Matt Brian Brittany

And of course I can’t forget these guys..


Bube Poppy Nathan Me Wedding

It’s going to be so great to spend time with my grandparents too!

And while I can’t be there today to celebrate Father’s Day with them, I will be there in 2 weeks celebrating at an Orioles game with one of my favorite baseball partners.

Baltimore Orioles

So for now, let’s just imagine a big Father’s Day hug..

Dad Wedding

Wishing you the best Father’s Day ever, Dad! Can’t wait to see you in 2 weeks!

Five Things Friday: Family Edition

For my list of things that are important in life, family ranks #1. And maybe I’m biased but I’m pretty sure mine takes the cake.

  1. Waking up to pictures like this one make my day.

    She really is the cutest.

    Don’t you just want to squeeze her?!

  2. I have the best husband. Honestly, I know everyone feels that way but anyone that will drop anything to come be with youwithout you askingis someone worth holding onto. I’m a lucky gal.

    Sunset San Francisco

    He’s cute too.

  3. I’m missing my family right now. I wish it were easier to go home but the reality is that it’s pretty darn pricey. Skype is the best and I love that I can see my parents so often.

    Mom Dad Golden Gate Bridge

    This was nice too though.

  4. I can’t wait till we go home in August. I’m already planning so many fun things.. my parents don’t even know! Labor day cookout? Orioles game? Let’s get to planning 🙂

    Baltimore Orioles


  5. Speaking of baseball, Nathan and I are headed to the A’s game on Sunday. We got some new gear to sport and it’s definitely going to be a good time. Definitely looking forward to the weekend with my best friend.

    Stinson Beach Brittany Nathan

    Hopefully it’ll be a little warmer 😉

Food for Thought

What are you looking forward to this weekend?