Link Love #42

This week is all about go, go, go for me. So that’s exactly what I’m giving yousome quick link lovin’! Enjoy 🙂


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7 Signs You Should Eat a Burger, Fries, & Even Ice Cream – Lifting Revolution

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5 Ways to Truly Brace Your Core – Trainer Paige

5 Ways to Truly Brace Your Core – Trainer Paige
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Inside Out Grain Free Oreos Fit Foodie Finds

Inside-Out Grain Free Oreos – Fit Foodie Finds

Inside-Out Grain Free Oreos – Fit Foodie Finds
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Food for Thought

What was one of your favorite posts from the past week?


Another relaxing weekend in the books which is just what was ordered. It’s going to be a crazy week starting with a 5am – noon shift today. Should be.. interesting. Ha! But fun, right? 🙂 I definitely swapped my rest day for today and got my Monday workout in yesterday. I think there will be a nap happening later!

Friday we stayed close to home and tried a new-to-us Vietnamese restaurant, Monster Pho. It was great; I got their monster salad which came with grilled chicken, pork, beef, and shrimp.

Monster Pho Salad

As we were walking around after dinner, we passed a little plum tree so I got myself a little sweet treat.

Baby Plum

It wasn’t fully ripe yet so it wasn’t that tasty, but I took it so I ate it. To really cure my sweet tooth, we stopped at Fenton’s for some ice cream!

Fentons Creamery Coffee Cookie Crumble

Holy moly. The coffee cookie dream was just thatdreamy. Coffee ice cream with oreo cookie and chocolate chip cookie dough.. exactly what I was looking for! That said, I’d definitely go back to Lush instead of Fenton’s next time. Gelato is the bomb diggity.

Saturday was a pretty lazy day. We hit up the farmers’ market but unfortunately didn’t make out so well this time. The fruit was just not on point like it was last week so we passed. Dinner, however, was on point. Sliver for happy hour has an awesome dealwhen you get a drink, you get a sliver of pizza.

Sliver Pizza Happy Hour

So that’s what we did. And then I did that again. Plus more pizza and salad 😉 I’m not usually a huge pizza girl but I was really feeling it!

Yesterday we did quite a bit of running arounda couple grocery stores, lunch, and of course a little strolling. We went to Pappy’s in Berkeley for lunch. It’s a bar right near the college but the menu looked pretty good and they have a good beer selection. Plus we could go to watch some baseball and World Cup. I heard the salads were good, but I wasn’t expecting this!

Pappys Berkeley Tofu Chef Harvest Salad Cornbread

I really should have put my hand in there for size reference. The bowl had to have been a foot wide and a few inches deep and it was filled to the gills with a few greens, edamame, craisins, wheat berries, corn, tons of tofu and then some, and topped off with a huge piece of homemade cornbread! I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever had such a huge salad and it was delicious. Not to mention it was only $8 which is a steal.

You bet your butt I finished that salad and Nathan helped me polish off a pretty good portion of the cornbread. I’d say we had a little too much though because dinner didn’t roll around till 9. Whoops! It was pretty awesome though and I don’t plan on buying caesar dressing again any time soon.

How Sweet It Is Beer Glazed Citrus Chicken Roasted Corn Caesar Salad

I also made croutons from my dense-as-the-dickens sourdough loaf. At least it works for something!

Weekly Meal Plan

SundayBeer glazed citrus chicken and roasted corn caesar salad
MondaySmoky potatoes with asparagus and chorizo
TuesdayFeta chicken kabobs with toasted pecan and blueberry couscous salad
Wednesday – Leftovers
ThursdayPesto wheat berries with chicken sausage, roasted brussels sprouts, and asparagus
Friday – Leftovers
Saturday – Out!

Food for Thought

Did you do anything fun over the weekend?
What’s on your menu this week?