Apartment Hunting and Another Quiet Weekend

Hi friends, happy Monday! I hope you had a relaxing weekend. We kept it quiet; Nathan’s been fighting some sort of sickness basically since we got back from Baltimore so we both took it as a chance to catch up on some rest. That said, Friday I was out and about for the majority of the day getting work done on the car and looking for a new apartment! Our lease is up at the end of January and we’re ready for something new. Friday was a total bust as far as the apartment search was concerned, unfortunately, but I did find a pretty fantastic ginger molasses cookie so that helped to make up for it.

Ginger Molasses Cookie

I decided that both Saturday and Sunday were going to be good days to rest. No gym time for this gal over the weekend! Sometimes when you just don’t feel like going, you need to accept that you’ll be better off cozying up on the couch with a nice, warm breakfast.

Protein Egg White Oatmeal Oats Coconut Peanut Butter

Besides, I had to make sure I was prepared for Truve’s holiday party last night! There were snacks and booze and lots of fun people. And after being away for 2 weeks, it was nice to be able to see everyone again.

Truve Personal Trainers

Truve Personal Trainers Practitioners

Fo realz, if you’re in the bay area, you should absolutely check out Truve. I’ll even give you a pass for a free week of classes! There’s every type of class you could think of and all of the trainers are awesome. So no excuses!

Oh! And I think we found a place to live.. not bad for only starting to look on Friday, huh? Keep your fingers crossed for us. Hopefully we’ll have more good news later this week 🙂 And with that, we’re back to the daily grind!

Weekly Meal Plan

SundaySmokey chicken wing chili
Monday – Grilled chicken, smashed potatoes, and eggplant caponata
TuesdayCrispy baked chicken tenders, latkes, and crockpot applesauce [happy first night of Hannuka!]
Wednesday – Leftovers
ThursdayKung pao chicken
Friday – Out!
Saturday – Out!

Food for Thought

What’s your favorite holiday meal?