Fake chicken as good as the real deal?

Beyond Meat, a new company based in Maryland, has come up with an alternative to chicken meat that it claims is a dead ringer for the real thing. And unlike other meat alternatives on the market, this one aims to be cheap as well as tasty.

The idea behind this new lean, mean protein is to break away from the boring vegan options and hopefully introduce meat-eaters to a meat-free alternative. The mixture of soy and pea powder, carrot fiber, and gluten-free flour will not only be a great substitute for chicken, but will provide the same great flavor and texture at lower cost and without all of the additives found in chicken.

The lucky locals of Northern California will be some of the first to have the opportunity to try Beyond Meat chicken when Whole Foods begins carrying the product next month!

Speak Up!

I know I’m intrigued, are you? Would you substitute chicken on a regular basis for this new vegan chicken?

Read more about this new product and listen to the podcast on NPR.