Fitness Friday: Summer Bootcamp

Holy cow, I can’t believe the 8 weeks have already passed for Best Body Bootcamp! I’m certainly not new to the program at this point so I knew what I was getting myself into when I signed up. This time around, however, I had some different goals. For my first two rounds, I was getting ready for the wedding; with this round, I was getting back into shape from the honeymoon! 😉

In all seriousness, I’m a planner; I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I absolutely love having a workout schedule already planned out for me. There is no thinking involved! And if I’m waking up before the clock strikes 6, you can bet I appreciate any and all help in the thinking department. I have, without a doubt, noticed some changes over the past 8 weeks.

Best Body Bootcamp Tina Reale

Bootcamp makes you stronger.

Best Body Bootcamp Tina Reale Workout Best Body Bootcamp Tina Reale Workout

Bootcamp increases your endurance and speed.

Running Florida FL Workout Running Workout

And good gravy, bootcamp gives you a hell of a burn!

Best Body Bootcamp Tina Reale Weights Strength Workout

Workout burn on the left. After burn on the right. 83%!!

I’ve also learned a few things during during the 8-week program.

  • Rest days are important! Your muscles need a break and when you give that to them, they repair and are stronger for future workouts.
  • I’m a weights girl. I would 100% rather do a strength training workout with heavy weights than do a body weight workout.
  • While it’s nice to have set workouts, it’s equally as nice to be able to swap things around and make the workouts work for you.
  • Having a community of people participating in the same program and acting as a support group is really motivating. [Ok, I already knew this, but it’s a great reminder!]
  • Upper body workouts are my jam.

If you’re at all considering Best Body Bootcamp, I highly recommend it. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, there are adjustments to all of the moves to make them easier or harder and you can always get a challenging workout! Registration for the fall session begins August 19th and goes through September 6th. The programs starts September 9th, so mark your calendars and don’t forget to register!

Food for Thought

Do you prefer weights or body weight workouts?

What is your favorite workout program? Do you like classes at the gym or working out on your own?

Bootcamp: Take 2

Week 2 of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp is complete and I’m alive! Sore. But alive.

Monday I hit the ground running and pushed through my first workouts from both Tina and Tone It Up.

Tone It Up TIU Love Your Body Challenge 100forVDay Tina Reale Best Body Bootcamp

It was tough, but knowing what to expect out of the workouts helped me crank em out a little quicker than last week. And I already found that I could increase my weights for some of the exercises! That really makes me look forward to revisiting the fitness challenge after week 4!

Tina Reale Best Body Bootcamp Week 2 Tone It Up TIU Love Your Body Challenge VSX

Week 2 Thoughts

Once again, my motto of less thinking, more moving rings true. Some of the moves got easier and I was able to increase weight. Others [like that darn scorpion!] are still putting me to shame. I’m also pleased to say that this weeks’ workouts have pushed me over my 100 miles since January 1! The newest goal? I’m going to hit 200 miles by Valentines Day. Might as well double it, right? 😉

Workouts for weeks 3 and 4 have been sent out and they look grueling but I’m up for the challenge and I’m looking forward to changing it up again.

Favorite Meals of the Week

It’s a toss up! Nathan made a delicious fajita spiced skirt steak which I made into a huge kale salad. But tied was a salad from Kooper’s Tavern, a local Baltimore bar. This salad was not only topped with beets and roasted squash [some of my faves], but also everything bagel seasoning crusted tuna. Everything bagel seasoning crusted. It’s revolutionary.

Koopers Tavern Baltimore Maryland MD Skirt Steak Fajita Kale Salad Squash Walnuts Cranberry Tuna Pear Guacamole

Previous Reviews

Best Butt-Kicking Bootcamp [Week 1]

Food for Thought

How have you pushed yourself this past week?

Best Butt-Kicking Bootcamp

This has been one crazy week! I mentioned on Wednesday that this week has been all about getting back into my routine which has included continuing with Tone It Up’s Love Your Body Challenge along with starting Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. I knew that taking on both challenges at the same time would be, well.. challenging, and it has certainly proved to be just that! But I’m totally up for it!

Tina Reale Best Body BootcampTone It Up TIU Love Your Body Challenge
I made the decision to sign up for Tina’s Bootcamp because I felt like I was needing a kick in the butt and that’s exactly what it has done for me. I was so excited to get the first 2 weeks of workouts in my inbox and get my schedule together. I noticed that it fit perfectly into my schedule; strength and cardio Monday, Wednesday, Friday; cardio Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday; and rest day on Sunday. Let’s do this!

Tina Reale Best Body Bootcamp Fitness Challenge

Bootcamp started with a fitness test which will be repeated after 4 weeks and then again at the end of the 8 week program to track progress. I already can’t wait to check back in after 4 weeks and see how I’ve improved! And after just one week in, I know there will be improvement!

Week 1 Thoughts

Tina’s workouts are great! Though I do hear rumors of plenty of burpees.. we’ll see how I feel about her workouts then! 😉

The moves are nothing too far out of the ordinary for me, but throwing in a few new moves [like the scorpion.. whew!!] and just the simple fact of having everything planned out for me makes it that much better. Less thinking, more moving. And that’s exactly what I did.

P.S. I love the fact that some of the linked videos on Tina’s workouts are of my TIU trainer, Katrina!

Tina Reale Best Body Bootcamp Week 1 Tone It Up TIU Love Your Body Challenge

I pushed my weights, I pushed my cardio, and I feel good! Not to mention, part of the Love Your Body Challenge is 100 miles of cardio from January 1 until Valentine’s Day [#100forVDay]; these two challenges have pushed me to 70% complete and it’s only January 12th!

This week has been awesome and I’m so looking forward to the next 7. Seeing my progress from 6 days worth of work makes me want to push even harder next week! After a rest day tomorrow, of course.

Let’s do this!

Oh, and in case you missed some tasty morsels, here’s my favorite dinner of the week; a (crazy) stuffed sweet potato! My friend pointed out that it looks like a heart.. obviously for the Love Your Body challenge 😉

Tone It Up TIU 5DSD 5 Day Slim Down Stuffed Sweet Potato Kidney Beans Avocado Gringo Salsa Coconut Oil Roasted Broccoli

Food for Thought

What are you pushing yourself to do this month? Did you set goals or resolutions for yourself this year?