Let’s Chat.

I’m back!

After a 2 week blogging hiatus, I wanted to break the silence. Grab a cup of coffee; this could be a bit lengthy!

The break was totally unintentional, but absolutely needed. As you may recall, I had friends in town a couple weeks ago and while they were here, I decided I just didn’t feel like breaking out the computer.

Cornerstone Napa Erin Brittany

Mt Tamalpais Tam Nathan Brittany Erin Don

Passing up on a few blog posts during their trip made me realize I was just going through the motions. Monday? Gotta get a weekend recap up. Tuesday? Link love. Wednesday? Pictures of food. There really wasn’t much behind it. And how many times can you look at a bowl of my oatmeal? I get it.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been working on figuring out a good balance with all of my jobs and as things continue be thrown up in the air, I just didn’t need the extra stress of needing to get a blog post up. Other aspects of my life were suffering; I was constantly exhausted from trying to juggle 3 different jobs, working some crazy hours, wracking my brain at different ways to get more personal training clients, cooking, cleaning, and somehow fitting in my workouts.

Thankfully, some changes have been made. Nathan is helping out with cooking and cleaning more [who knew all I needed to do was ask for help?!] and last week I gave my 2 weeks at Athleta. I’m swapping Athleta for another training gig, so while I’ll still be working at 3 different places, ideally, I’ll be cutting back on hours and make more dough. That would be lovely, yes? Good changes to start.

Roli Roti Pork Knuckle Roasted Fennel Potato Onion Carrots

A Nathan-style dinner.. chopped rotisserie pork knuckle with roasted veggies.

But as I’ve been going through the motions with blogging, it seems I’ve also been doing the same with my workouts. That’s not a good look for me. I told Nathan the other day that I’m a rare breedone that consistently works out and eats healthy [with the exception of when we have visitors..] and yet still continues to gain weight. It’s true. My friend told me I just look “a bit thicker.”

Let’s get really real here, shall we? I mean, we’re all friends.. Since moving to California, I’ve mostly ditched the scale. It was a good thing for me and I would occasionally break it out just to check in. Recently, I was feeling like my clothes were just fitting a little tighter and in general, I was uncomfortable. Well, when I say a couple extra lbs found their way back to me over the past 6 or so months, I actually mean 15. Ouch. That’s not a pretty number. So yes, thicker it is. And it sucks. But I’ve decided that the old saying rings trueyou really can’t continue to do something the same way and expect different results.

So now it’s time for me to get back on the wagon, really put the effort back into my workouts, and figure out how to find the balance that’s right for me. The blog with fall into its place in time, but right now I know I need to put most of my focus on finding balance in my jobs and at home.

Rose Garden Oakland California CA

Mountain View Cemetary Oakland San Francisco California CA

Thanks for sticking with me today; I’ve been looking for the words to write this post and it’s nice to finally hit “publish.”

No questions today, just thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Chat.

  1. Although I think you look amazing just the way you are – you need to be comfortable in your own skin. Glad you asked for help girl. We all need help from time to time. It was probably best that you took this time away from blogging. It sounds like not only did you really enjoy the visit from your friends, but you were able to recoup your thoughts & figure out exactly what you wanted & needed to do. Keeping you in my thoughts <3.

  2. I am glad you took time away – gave you the time you needed for life AND to think things thru.

    AS for weight, I am a weigher & a how my close fit person. This is just what works best for me. At 5’1″, 3 pounds can be a pants size! 🙂

    Find your balance.. 🙂

  3. I’ve been working on trying not to put pressure on myself to blog, ever since I moved to Boston. Which means sometimes I go a week or more without posting. But everything I write when I’m forcing myself to write…sucks. To be blunt, ha! So, I’m glad you took that time you needed especially given the changes you are dealing with career-wise.

    I think you look great and not one bit different. But I get the feeling you’re experiencing. People often tell me they don’t think I look different but man do I feel different! It’s not a pleasant feeling. Just make sure that you’re not too hard on yourself – I don’t like the term falling off the wagon because it just is so negative and for all you know being off that wagon is better for you, or just brought about awesome experiences that you wouldn’t trade for anything. 🙂

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