Fitness Friday: Full Body Endurance Circuit

Happy New Year!

Jilly Bean Dad

I hope you all enjoyed your celebrations, whether you were in bed by 9 or you stayed up and had a few extra drinks [<– guilty!] We spent our night at a friends’ house in the Berkeley hills; it was so fun to see multiple displays of fireworks throughout San Francisco, Oakland, and other surrounding areas.

We celebrated with some fancy beer, a little red wine, and of course, some sparkles to round off the night.. along with a build-your-own taco dinner and dessert. Anyone else wake up feeling like a good workout was in order? Luckily for you, I have one to try out! This endurance workout will have your muscles really burning after 20 reps.

Full Body Endurance Circuit Workout | Barr & Table

Exercise Demos

If you don’t have kettlebells or a barbell available, just swap out for dumbbells. Aim to complete these exercises back-to-back without rest; after each round, rest 1-3 minutes before starting again. When you finish the workout, check in with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and let me know!

A quick note to leave you with—I’m accepting new personal training clients and am offering a January special of $50 for your first session. If you or someone you know in the bay area is looking for a trainer, hit me up! Hope you have a great weekend!

Food for Thought

Any fun plans over the weekend?

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