Quiet Around These Parts

Have you entered my Bob’s Red Mill giveaway?

It was a pretty quiet one this past weekend although it did kick off with a rather amazing picture message from my brother that made my day.

Jilly Bean Beach

Please, no pictures. I’m sunning.

If only we could all be so fabulous..

With all of the going out we’ve done over the past few, we decided to lay low a bit. Saturday I was working in the morning and when I got home we hit the road to check out Grocery Outlet [think Aldi but with name-brands]. We really had our bargain-hunting pants on this weekend! It ended up being a pretty successful trip knowing that we’d still be going to Berkeley Bowl on Sunday. But all in all, I’d say we got some good deals!

Yesterday I got up early for a quick run before Nathan and I went for a hike. There are still so many place we haven’t seen yet and Joaquin Miller Park is right around the corner from us.

Joaquin Miller Park

Such a pretty view right from the start.

Joaquin Miller Park Eucalyptus Trees

How cool are these trees?

Joaquin Miller Park Nathan

We hike with coffee. And pastries.

Joaquin Miller Park Oakland Eucalyptus Trees

Crazy fog made for some fun pictures.

The fog was pretty heavy when we first got there but it really burned off within about an hour. We tried to stop at a lookout point on our way up the mountain but you couldn’t see 5 feet in front of you! We were able stop on the way back down and could actually see the fog moving out. Pretty cool! It was a really nice area and a great place to check out.

Later in the day we lucked out and got to watch our Orioles since the game was on ESPN.

Baltimore Orioles ESPN

Orioles Magic!

I don’t mind the game being rained out at all.. an O’s win after 5 innings? I’ll take it! We’re in first and it feels so good!

And while the game was going, this baby was roasting for an awesome Sunday dinner.

Southwest Roast Chicken

Nathan roasts a mean chicken!

Southwest Roast Chicken Sweet Potato

Sweet potato for me..

Southwest Roast Chicken Hasselback Potato

..and Nathan’s fancy hasselback potato!

Such a great way to end the weekend.

Weekly Meal Plan

Sunday – Roast chicken, sweet/hasselback potatoes, and side salad
MondayFeta chicken kabobs with roasted brussels sprouts [this one didn’t happen last week so I’m making up for it now!]
TuesdayBlack rice salad bowls with chipotle orange chicken, cashews, & feta
Wednesday – Leftovers
ThursdayGreen chile turkey burgers and side salad
Friday – Out!
Saturday – Leftovers

Food for Thought

What fun things did you do over the weekend?

12 thoughts on “Quiet Around These Parts

  1. coffee & pastries – now that’s my kind of hiking essentials! Haha. Glad you made it home w/o being attacked by any crazy bears! 🙂

    Next time your man makes a mean chicken, can I come over for dinner?

  2. Intrigued just by “quiet” in the title!

    My weekend was spent planning, prepping and helping my daughter host a bonfire and sleepover for 15 of her closest friends and it happened to be her first time having a girl-boy party at her house. Her dad said it was stressful LOL

    Huge success! Fun! Lots of work! All worth it 🙂

  3. I went to a baseball game this weekend! The weather was great for it, and there were fireworks after! Your roasted chicken looks amazing. I find sometimes that roasting a whole one leaves us with too much food. Do you usually finish the whole thing during the week? I suppose you can freeze cooked chicken to use in other dishes too.

    • We eat SO much chicken in this house, it never goes to waste. I used some of it to make some chicken salad for lunches for the week and we’ll throw some back in the oven for a leftovers dinner too.

  4. I saw your dinner insta last night and was like, yes pleaseeeee. Roasted chicken is one of those dishes I forget about and then I have it and go, wow, chicken is seriously delicious sometimes. Awww love pics of that little nugget (not talking about Nathan, talking about the baby, juuust to clarify).

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