Foodie Friday: All the Pork

A few weeks ago, I went to the store and bought 10 lbs of pork. For Nathan and me. Yep, all the pork.

It was pretty comical at the butcher’s counter. I told them I wanted to make a porchetta and would need pork tenderloin and enough pork belly to wrap around the tenderloin. They honestly looked at me like I was nuts. I pulled up the recipe on my phone and walked through the whole process with one of the butchers. There were text messages going back and forth with Nathan. There was a whole lot of “good lord, that’s a lot of pork!” I bit the bullet and bought the pork. I also promised pictures to the butcher the next time I was in the store.

In the end, it was absolutely worth all of the investment of time and money work that went into it. Not to mention we had tons of leftovers to enjoy over the past couple weeks. Don’t worry, it freezes well!

There were toasted and crushed spices.

Toasted Fennel Red Pepper

Mortar Pestle

There was scoring, rubbing, and wrapping.

Porchetta Wrapped

We let it sit uncovered in the fridge for about 24 hours. And then there was the cooking and slicing.

Porchetta Cooked


Porchetta Sliced

And after all of that, we finally dug in! We had it with porcini pasta the first night and Nathan has since made many, many sandwiches with the leftovers.

Porchetta Porcini Pasta

Porchetta Sandwich

He says the sandwich is definitely the way to go. He also made a rosemary garlic salt and garlic and crushed red pepper infused olive oil to drizzle and sprinkle on top. It’s legit. This was his baby and he did me proud!

We’ll definitely be trying this out again, possibly next time with a picnic roast. One thing I will note that is very important to follow in the recipe is to tenderize the pork belly. We didn’t have a tenderizer and unfortunately much of that delicious-looking skin was too tough to eat. Live and learn, right? Now go make some porchetta!

Sprint 2 the Table

Food for Thought

What has been your biggest food investment at home?

8 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: All the Pork

  1. You’re honestly killing me with this post. This looks so freaking good and I admire you for investing the $ but more importantly the TIME it took to make this.

  2. Hahah my boyfriend happened to walk by while I was reading your post and goes “that looks awesome. you should make that!”
    It looks like I might be recreating your porcetta adventure in the future….

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