Happy Mother’s Day!

Things definitely change over the course of a year! On Mother’s Day last year, I happily spent the whole day with my Mom as I got ready for my wedding.

Mom Dad Wedding

Mom Hora Wedding

I was also happy to be spending a bunch of time with my grandmother too.

Bube Poppy Nathan Me Wedding

And with this being my sister-in-law’s very first Mother’s Day, I know she must be happier than ever.

Melissa Jilly Bube Mom

I know my mom is also loving her first Mother’s Day as a Bubby 🙂

Mom Jilly Bean Skype

This year, even I won’t be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with my family in person, I’m still wishing my mom, grandmother, and Melissa the happiest Mother’s Day.

Mom Me Pacifica State Beach

Mom Dad Golden Gate Bridge

And in a month and a half, I’ll be home to give hugs and kisses all around 🙂 Love and miss you all!

Ending on a lighter note, my mom was on a roll last week.. enjoy 😉

Diet Birds


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