What I Ate Wednesday #67: Beaches and Salmon and Noodles, OH MY!

Happy New Year! I’ll be recapping our crazy night soon, but until then..

It wouldn’t be a Brittany and Nathan weekend without a road trip. And while they’re usually perfectly planned out, this trip took a bit of a turn and we just had to roll with the punches. Did you know that people will park 1.5+ miles away from Muir Woods to get in?! Yea.. we didn’t. Apparently we should have gotten there at the break of dawn. Luckily, we had planned on heading to Stinson Beach after Muir Woods so we just went straight to the beach! [Tough life, I know.]

We did make a couple stops along the way to check out the incredible views.

Bay View

Stunning pull off from the highway.

Muir Beach Lookout

I liked the view here too πŸ˜‰

After a breathtaking [nerve wracking] drive on the cliff’s edge, we made it to Stinson Beach and broke out our lunch that we picked up from Berkeley Bowl [<– that place is awesome!!]. They had so many options and we will definitely be going back there for quick lunches on the go!


Berkeley Bowl Kale Salad Lemon Salmon

Kale and cabbage salad with baked lemon salmon and sesame dressing.


Berkeley Bowl Porchetta Sandwich

Porchetta and pesto sandwich on foccacia.

Perfect beach lunch followed by a nice walk. I know that whenever I go anywhere with Nathan, we’re going to be doing a ton of walking!

Stinson Beach

Oh hey there city!

We decided to give Muir Woods another shot on our way back, but unfortunately it was still a no-go. Change of plans.. off to Tiburon and time for a brew πŸ˜‰

Anchor Steam Sams Anchor Cafe Tiburon

We’ve dubbed this the “West Coast Yuengling”

Heading back, we hit a bit of traffic so we decided to hit up a new dinner spot. Anything that involves chopsticks is always Nathan-approved and Ramen Shop has gotten some awesome reviews. And for good reason!

Ramen Shop Kitchen

Bar seats with open kitchens are the best!

Ramen Shop Pickles

Pickles: Sansho cabbage, namasu, turmeric daikon, eggplant chutney,
and black Spanish radish with kombu.

The pickle plate was a great, light way to start. The eggplant chutney and turmeric daikon were my favorites. I loved the curry flavors on the eggplant and the daikon had a light sweetness.. and anything sweet is good in my book πŸ˜‰

Neither of us had ever had ramen before.. except the out of a styrofoam bowl, and we will definitely be back for more!


Ramen Shop Veggie Shoyu Meyer Lemon

Veggie shoyu meyer lemon ramen with maitake mushrooms, salt-cured egg, romanesco, cauliflower, squash, broccoli di ciccio, and mizuna.


Ramen Shop Black Sesame Miso Pork

Kogashi miso ramen with ground pork belly, shoyu-marinated egg,
King Richard leeks, and red cabbage.

I totally won this one. The flavors were light and refreshing but perfect for a chilly night. Plus there was squash and a soft-boiled egg. How could that be bad?! Nathan’s ramen bowl was delicious too but definitely had a heavier, fuller flavor. Neither of us were able to finish our dinners, but leftovers are always welcome in our home.

Even though we had to adjust our plans on the go, I’d say this turned out to be a wonderfully successful day. And a tasty way to kick off the new year!

Stinson Beach Brittany Nathan

Happy New Year!!

Food for Thought

How did you spend your New Years Eve?

18 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #67: Beaches and Salmon and Noodles, OH MY!

  1. Gorgeous views! Your meals looked delicious as always!!!
    We spent our NYE at my mom’s house watching movies and playing board games. We are total party animals πŸ˜‰ Today we are getting snowed in with the first big storm of the year.
    Happy 2014!

  2. What fancy ramen! I had no idea there was anything other than the packaged kind. This looks so much better! I haven’t been to Muir woods in years! I don’t remember it that much but I don’t think it was 1.5 mile walk in great… People are crazy!

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  4. I freaking love that hat on you in the last pic. So San Fran. Adorable! I read an article on the airplane to CT about how ramen is making quite a comeback in the fancier form like what you had. Your bowl with that EGG looks amazing. I’m proud of you for rolling with the punches on your fun day and just rearranging your plans. Very impressive! Your comment about the Yuengling reminds me about how it was seriously EVERYWHERE in FL! But I didn’t have any haha. I stuck to my usuals of whiskey and wine!

  5. I’ve never had real ramen either! There’s a place nearby with some really good reviews but I’m waiting for a really chilly night to try it out. I kind of suck at rolling with the punches but seems like you had no problem!

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