What I Ate Wednesday #61: A Day in the Life

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It’s been a while since I’ve gone through a full day’s worth of my eats as opposed to my fun dinners out so I figured now is a good time to do just that! Although these meals aren’t exactly the prettiest, I think they’ve been pretty darn tasty!


Protein TVP Oats Nut-tritious Foods Nut Butter Micheles Granola

Possibly the best ever.

My favorite protein TVP oats topped with some winnings! A couple months ago I won some amazing Nut-Tritious Foods nut butters from Kelsey. This batch of oats is topped with 1 tsp cashew butter, 1 tsp almond butter, and 1 tsp chocolate-hazelnut butter. And of course my apple quinoa granola from Michele’s!

Mid-Morning Snack
I made my own fruit on the bottom with frozen blueberries!

Homemade Blueberry Fruit on the Bottom Greek Yogurt

Frozen fruit on the bottom..

And then it froze some of my yogurt too.. ha. Whoops!

Blueberry Greek Yogurt Dark Chocolate Cherry Soyjoy

All mixed up and topped with a little dark chocolate cherry crumble!

It was quite good, though, once I mixed it up and crumbled a little dark chocolate cherry Soyjoy bar on top!


Kale Buffalo Carrots Beets Avocado Dr Praegers California Veggie Burger Cucumber Tomato Caesar Crunchy Peas

This is the most attractive salad you’ve ever seen. I know.

I always thought frozen veggie burgers were gross until I actually tried some [go figure..]. This is a Dr. Praeger’s California veggie burger and I must say I love it! I also love those little crunchy peas on top.. way better than croutons, if you ask me [you did. I heard you.] The dressing combo was a little buffalo sauce and a drizzle of caesar. It was a good one!

Afternoon Snack

thinkThin Crunch Blueberry Mixed Nuts

Blueberry nutty goodness!

I love these crunchy bars! They have a pretty short list of ingredients and are just slightly sweet. They’re also good when I’m looking for something a little lighter and not totally packed with protein if I’m not working out at night.


Jalapeno Sweet Potato Turkey Chili Asparagus Tomato

I swear, there’s chili under there!

You may recall I made this healthy jalapeno sweet potato chili a couple months ago. Well, it made A TON and I happily froze 3 containers of it. Now that we’re moving, I’ve been defrosting and eating this a lot. This was actually my last bowl of it, topped with some more of my favorite veggies [prepared by my loving husband.. love when he cooks!]

Evening Snack

Fuji Apple

Apples are my fave!

I think we’re getting to the end of apple season because my apples have been getting less and less crisp. I guess that means it’s time to bake with them! 😉

Food for Thought

Could you eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, or dinner for days at a time?

What is your favorite fruit?

20 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #61: A Day in the Life

  1. I can and I do. : ) Breakfasts for me are the same couple of things on repeat. That is fine with me because a) they are tasty and delicious and I love them b) I know they will keep me satisfied with the combo of grains/proteins/healthy fats.

  2. Don’t tell me that apple season is ending – so sad!!!! All of your food looks delicious. I never would have thought of buffalo sauce + Caesar! I can eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch over and over again, but for some reason I prefer to switch up my dinners!

  3. they used to have those veggie burgers in my college cafeterias and sometimes when i couldn’t find any lean protein options i’d have one! they were only ok to me. i always compare them to veggie burgers i get out (homemade ones that is) and so i never really bother to buy frozen varieties for home. i do enjoy veggie patch falafel balls though and i freeze them to defrost for when i run out of any other protein in the house!
    that homemade fruit on the bottom yogurt is such a good idea and i am in love with those cherry soyjoy bars. it’s been eons since i had one! speaking of bars, i did not know think thin made crunch bars. i bet those probably have less sugar alcs and would hurt my stomach less! must try.
    mmm your dinners are always so similar to mine 🙂 you know i love them.

    • Well of course nothing compares to a homemade veggie burger, but these are good in a pinch! I like to warm them up in the toaster oven so they get nice and crispy on the outside 🙂

      I was surprised by how much I liked the Soyjoy bars, especially crumbled on yogurt or microwaved. ThinkThin also has a chocolate coconut mixed nuts crunch bar that you would love!

  4. I am a total creature of habit and absolutely eat the same breakfasts and lunches for days, months at a time. Dinner I switch up a bit…I recognized the Dr. Praeger burgers – I really like them too and always have them in my freezer. Their meatballs are good too – basically the same as the burgers just rolled into balls.

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