Baltimore Bucket List and Big News!

Between the blog and Twitter, I’ve mentioned my “bucket list” a few times. Nathan and I have recently created a list of restaurants that we’ve been wanting to try for a while now and are quickly working on getting to as many as we can. We figured it’s about time we get around to it since we have a month left in Baltimore. Yea, we’re moving to San Francisco. No big deal.

We recycle.

I lie.

It’s a really big deal!! Nathan was offered a promotion and we’re freaking MOVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY! We both grew up in Baltimore and have lived here our whole lives so to say this is a huge change would be an understatement. It’s very excited but also kind of scary; though it’s a scary challenge we’re ready to accept.

I’ve been waiting to break the news but it’s time and I want to get in touch with as many San Franciscans.. San Francisco-ans.. uhh, people of San Francisco as possible. So get in touch, people πŸ™‚ We move out there the day after Thanksgiving so the time is quickly creeping up!

In the meantime, there are quite a few restaurants we’ve missed along the way and are trying to hit up before we leave. A couple of them we’ve happily crossed off the list and are trying to figure out a way to make it back!

  • Birroteca – DONE!

    Birroteca Hampden Baltimore Maryland MD

    We celebrated our 10 year dating anniversary with an incredible meal!

  • Verde Pizza – DONE! And more details to come πŸ™‚

    Verde Pizza Canton Baltimore Maryland MD

    The best pizza we’ve had since Italy.

  • Jack’s Bistro
  • Fork & Wrench
  • Fleet Street Kitchen
  • Peter’s Inn – Nathan had their BLT from the Fells Point Farmers’ Market a few weeks ago and if that is any indication of how the main restaurant is, we would be crazy to miss out.
  • Ouzo Bay
  • Chaps Pit Beef
  • Lexington Market – Seriously. Everyone that visits Baltimore goes to Lexington Market and I’ve never been. It’s happening. I gotta get that crab cake from Faidley’s!
  • Johnny Rads – More pizza and it’s going to be tough to match what we’ve already had!
  • Of Love and Regret – We’ve been here twice before but I’d love to make it back once more. These are the brewers of Stillwater so they have a killer beer list!
  • Annabel Lee Tavern – Another place we’ve been a few times but they have the best crab cake in Baltimore! You can’t get blue crab on the west coast..

It’s certainly a Marvelous Monday..

Now I need to hear from all of you..

Baltimore friends – what restaurants am I missing from my list? Anything I absolutely need to try before I leave?

San Francisco friends – talk to me! I want to get in touch! Let’s get coffee [Irish, maybe? ;}] Let’s do lunch, let’s do a 5K. Basically.. hit me up πŸ™‚

41 thoughts on “Baltimore Bucket List and Big News!

  1. Ahhhhh so exciting and I can’t pretend I’m not jealous!!! My BFs family lives there so it’s in the works but we gotta clock some time with my family in Toronto first. I’ll meet you there in SF in 3 years πŸ˜‰

    When I was living in NYC I definitely had a bucket list of places to check off before I moved by to Toronto. And like you, they were all food-related!

  2. omg brittany! that is so exciting. sad you’re leaving baltimore 😦 but wow what a huge opportunity and how cool!! i have never been to san fran but my dad goes there a lot for work and he swears it’s the best city he’s ever been to. i’ve been dying to get out there myself. how great for you guys! congrats nathan!!

  3. WOW. That’s so exciting! Congratulations to you and Nathan on this next step of your life. I’ve heard great things (about the drinks at least) at Wit & Wisdom. Might be a good spot for happy hour prior to dinner at one of your ‘to hit’ spots!

    • Thank you!! It’s definitely an exciting next step. We’ve actually been to Wit & Wisdom for drinks once before but I told Nathan we might have to go back again for another Sticky Wicket and Old Fashioned πŸ™‚

  4. Oh my goodness that is exciting news! I’m sad your leaving Baltimore before we’ve gotten to know each other too well, but I’d jump at the chance to try living in San Francisco. I visited there one a couple years ago and loved it-it’ll be great for a foodie like you too πŸ™‚

    This past weekend I ate at Shoo Fly Diner in Belvedere Square, the new, more moderately priced restaurant from Spike Gjerde of Woodberry Kitchen. It has all the whim, atmosphere of Woodberry Kitchen and FANTASTIC cocktails and food. I highly recommend! For dinner you may need a reservation or I ate at the diner counter they below the dining room!

    • I know, I’m sad we haven’t really gotten a chance to hang out either! I was definitely considering trying to hit up Shoo Fly before we leave. I love Woodberry so I’m happy to hear that it’s a hit too. Thanks for the recommendation πŸ™‚

  5. Congrats on the move! I could go on and on and on with Baltimore restaurant recommendations, but I’ll stick with a few. First, I’d do TEN TEN over FSK. Basically the same menu but TEN TEN is less $$. I echo what Jess said about Wit & Wisdom and would strongly recommend eating there, and at PABU (around the corner). Hit up Hersh’s in Riverside and Miguel’s at Silo Point. If there’s any time left, try The Food Market in Hampden!

    • Thank you! I’m happy to say I’ve actually been to most of those πŸ™‚ Ten Ten was fabulous which made me want to try FSK. I’ll have to add Wit & Wisdom and PABU to the lists.. we’ve been to the rest! I think we might only make it for happy hour for a few of the restaurants, but better than nothing!

  6. Should you go to John W. Faidley’s, please identify yourself to the owners, Nancy and Bill Devine, or their daughter Damye. I worked there for 9 years, 7 years full time. They will know who you are! I would love to see a picture with you and the Devines together!. That would be from my bucket list, though. The
    John W. Faidley lump crab cake is Zaggat’s rated as the best in Baltimore. I took them to Europe with me along with other Maryland delicacies, and catered the Maryland Seafood Festival in Frankfurt and smaller parties elsewhere. We converted more than a few natives to the Maryland way of eating seafood.

  7. i really am so proud of you for having this kind of bucket list hahah and can’t wait to a) see the food you enjoy there and b) hear about how much you ENJOYED IT. and oh man that pizza! you know i’m dreaming of my mom and i’s trip to krust on fri.

  8. Congratulations!!! I’ve lived in NY my whole life and definitely want to try living in california for awhile at some point!!! πŸ™‚

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