Slowing Down and Sweating It Out

Waking up at 7am on a Sunday to head over to the farmers’ market might not sound like your idea of slowing it down, but we’re early risers over here. And it was so nice to be at the market before it got crazy! Fall is definitely settling in, much to my dismay, so one of the first stops was to get some piping hot coffee. I also picked up a pound of one of my favorite blends for my parents.

Zekes Coffee Bad Birds of Baltimore Blend

Nathan grabbed his old go-to breakfast—a pit beef sandwich with bbq sauce [I don’t know how he eats that in the morning!]— and I got my smoked mushroom quinoa bowl with fresh feta and hot sauce. We got cozy on a little curb and enjoyed our breakfast and coffee. Mine is such a huge portion that I could only finish half.

We made our way over to our favorite veggie stand; it took us a little while but we finally found the winning stand. I got all of these veggies for only $10! Can’t beat that.

Baltimore Farmers Market Produce

White onions, sweet potatoes, zucchini, green beans, acorn squash, and carnival squash.

I also picked up some super crisp local fuji apples and some maple blueberry granola from Michele’s. They have the absolute best granola around and maple blueberry is the seasonal flavor. Today is the last day that they have it so I made sure to get some. They also had their next seasonal flavor out: apple quinoa. Oh my goodness, it’s amazing! I can’t wait to get that next!

When we got home, I headed down to the gym with one goal in mind: SWEAT! After fasting all day yesterday and filling up on some foods that were a little higher in salt than I’m used to, my rings were feeling a little tight today. I knew I needed to get a nice, steady-paced run in and just sweat it out.

Since I’m not a big-time runner and typically just keep it to once a week, I didn’t want to set a mileage, time, or calorie goal for today. I just wanted to feel it out as I went. My legs don’t always appreciate when I run but they were perfectly happy to oblige this morning. I ended up finishing a 10K in about 50 minutes and definitely hit my sweat goal! I started my run at a 7.0 speed and every 5 minutes bumped it up 0.1, finishing it off at 8.0. It felt so good.

Workout Treadmill Run 10K

Thank goodness for the leftovers from breakfast because I was needing some extra fuel after that run! Demolished! 😉 The rest of the day is all about spending time with the hubs, having some delicious food, and getting prepped for the week. Hope you enjoy your Sunday!


Food for Thought

What’s your idea of a perfect Sunday?

Are you an early riser or do you sleep in?

5 thoughts on “Slowing Down and Sweating It Out

    • I always get so excited when I find out my total at this veggie stand at the market.. I don’t know how they make any profit! And thanks, it felt good to just run without a specific goal. It actually made it much easier to go further!

  1. you’re so speedy! great job on that 10K! i freaking LOVE that coffee blend. you know i love my O’s! that farmers market morning sounds so lovely and peaceful. yeah i don’t know how nathan eats that so early either! my ideal sunday involves waking up for a spin class of sweaty glory, and then going to a cafe and hanging out with a cup of joe and my laptop or a book. or if it’s nice out, an iced coffee afternoon with magazines by a pool is always good! and sunday dinners at home are the best.

    • I absolutely adore Zeke’s coffee and they have so many fun blends to try! The birds blend is one of my faves so hopefully my parents like it too 🙂

      Sounds like a lovely Sunday plan. I love heading to the gym on Sunday’s knowing I can just take my time and then relax afterward!

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