Total Burnout

It’s the feeling of going through your day-to-day routine without a thought. Without a care. Without any desire or passion.

It’s feeling like you have to do something, rather than wanting to do it for you.

It’s telling yourself you can’t have something, even though you want it.

I hit it. I hit total burnout.

I’ve been going to the gym every morning and some evenings, working out relentlessly. Even though I didn’t want to. I’ve been trying to follow what I’m eating, but feeling like I just didn’t care. Why not just have the piece of cake? A couple extra bites here and a couple extra bites there won’t really hurt.

And then.. damn. that. scale.

Don’t get me wrong, I have sincerely been enjoying every moment out and about, all of my wonderful dinners, brunches, time with friends, etc. But when it really comes down to my day-to-day life, I haven’t felt like blogging, or working out, or going to work. But I have been. And that might be the biggest issue.

I used to go to hot yoga every Wednesday night, whether I was up for it, too tired, didn’t feel like it.. no matter what, I went. Because it’s just what I did. And I got burnt out so I decided to switch over to weights on Wednesday nights. Recently, I’ve been going through the motions at the gym, but not getting the same feeling, or getting the same burn. I’ve been trying to push myself but the desire just hasn’t been there.

Last night, I decided to change it up again and head back to hot yoga. It’s my favorite instructor and it had been months since my last appearance. And it was the best decision I’ve made in weeks. It was the best class I’ve ever been to and I’m sure a huge part of it was actually really wanting to be there. I didn’t make myself go, I just legitimately wanted to be there.

The poses just felt natural; once again, not like I was making myself do it, but like my body wanted to. And by the end of class, I felt like I had let out the biggest sigh of my entire life. I felt such a sense of accomplishment and relief.

An hour and a half later, my total burnout morphed into total bliss. And as the week comes closer to an end, I hope to carry that feeling with me into the weekend. And I hope for you, that you can find this feeling too and hold tight.

Remember how important it is to do things for you, not because it’s what you’re supposed to do.

Speak Up!

Have you hit total burnout before? What did you do to turn it around?

2 thoughts on “Total Burnout

  1. This is a great post and is inspiring to me in a few ways! I have not been getting much satisfaction from my workouts despite pushing my hardest, and I think it may be because I haven’t been listening enough to what I really want to do. Whenever I make myself go to an hour long spin class yes I get a good cardio sweat session in, but when I leave I don’t feel as accomplished and it may be because I’m “making” myself go. Whereas after I have an arm day, I always feel awesome and strong, because I’m super into upper body lifting lately. I’m glad that you had an amazing hot yoga class and have come to this realization!

    • It’s nice knowing other people can relate. You should definitely be pushing yourself in your workouts, not because you don’t want to be doing them, but because you want to improve and see results. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and a nice, deep breath.

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