What I Ate Wednesday #1

Welcome to my very first WIAW! Lucky for you, or maybe me, there happens to be a birthday dinner included at my very favorite restaurant, Woodberry Kitchen.

Everything was so incredible, as always, that I’m just giving you a little taste of the delicious bites today, but there will most certainly be a post in the near future with the entire meal!


I tried a new recipe for the ultimate protein pancake and it was delicious and definitely kept me full! Don’t worry, the recipe is coming soon! 🙂 I topped off my pancakes with the Tone It Up Bombshell Spell, water, and coffee.

Mid-morning Snack

This may have been the hardest kiwi of my entire life.

Lunch time!

Had a delicious salad with the most random ingredients I could find in my fridge. Super fresh mixed greens from the farmers’ market, corn, celery, sweet potato, pepper, onion, mushroom, chicken, and salsa.

We really needed to go to the store..

Afternoon snack!

Coconut water is really a fantastic little pick-me-up, and chocolate ZICO is my absolute favorite! Unfortunately, that bottle was from Tuesday and I just refilled it with almond milk. I really tried to trick my brain into thinking it was something much more delicious. It didn’t work.

I also had a Chocolate Peanut Butter Clif Builder Bar. Clif bars tend to be a little high in sugar, although it is all-natural, organic sugars, I do try to eat them less often. But they are amazingly delicious so I have to allow it every now and then!

Nathan’s Birthday Dinner

Oh, Woodberry Kitchen, I’m so in love with you.

Woodberry Kitchen is a serious farm-to-table style restaurant. They get fresh ingredients from local farms everyday, so their menu updates everyday. But more on the restaurant in my future post, along with a more in-depth look at each delicious bite!

The meal started with a couple types of bread, a butcher’s board full of different meats, and a caesar salad. And while this might not sound so exciting, keep in mind everything is homemade. Down to the caesar oyster-chovy dressing.

For my main course I had monkfish in a mushroom broth, topped off with a wonderfully (and perfectly) crafted blueberry gin cocktail.

I finished my amazing meal off with a cappuccino and a shared serving of strawberry rhubarb cobbler with fresh cream ice cream. And a little bite of Nathan’s buttermilk peach ice cream.

This might be my absolute favorite WIAW for a long, long time!

Speak Up!

What was your favorite dish (or entire meal) you ate on Wednesday?

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